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The Blessings of 2017: A Magickal Year Review

Today is my birthday. I am turning 29 years old. 2018 is around the corner. Something I like to do around this time of the year is sit and reflect on the past year in a Magickal Year Review. During this review I note lessons learned, what did and did not work, what I want to bring into the new year with me, and what I need to release in order to grow. 2017 had so much to offer!

The Year of the Big Move Home

The most noticeable change in 2017 is probably our big move from Alaska back to Tennessee. While we would never regret our experience in Alaska, we are so happy to be back in the Lower 48. Living in the south is awesome and bring so many opportunities to my family.
This move included my very first plane ride. We did this with a toddler and it went better than I could have ever imagined or asked for. My son slept through most of it and, when he was awake, he enjoyed snacking and watching the people around him with relative relaxation. The flight attendants kept coming by to compliment him on being such a good boy and offering snacks and drinks for him.
I did pretty good as well for someone so nervous, haha.
This move not only creates a ton of opportunities for my husband and I, it also did something truly magickal. It united my mother and my son. My son got to meet my side of the family this year for the first time. Closing that distance is wonderful.

Magickal Motherhood in 2017

As a Mother, 2017 brought so many lessons. My son turned 2 years old! He’s speaking in sentences, running around, and creating havoc in the cutest way possible. This year he hit two huge milestones – he moved from our cosleeping bed to a bed of his own, VOLUNTARILY! He also weaned. Ending our breastfeeding journey was very emotional.
My Mother-in-law was a great help and advised I wean him according to “the signs.” What she meant was the zodiac signs and houses the moon was traveling through. She said that weaning him when the signs were in the knees and below (Moon in Capricorn through Pisces) would be faster and easier.
It took three attempts (first due to the both of us getting a cold, the second to my being overly emotional). I later learned that weaning can create a type of depression in women. While breastfeeding we create the chemicals prolactin and oxytocin. Both of these chemicals make the mother feel happy and content. When we wean and stop producing milk, we also stop making those chemicals. This can create an emotional, hormonal rollercoaster for the mother until she gets used to the withdrawals. No fun when I was already dealing with the bitter-sweet emotions generated from my son growing up and needing me less in this capacity.
Thankfully I have a super supportive family and community of friends to turn to and talk about this motherhood journey. Thank you all.

Magick and Love in 2017

My husband and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary this year. We have been through so much and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

I was blessed to see him strengthen his woodworking skills this year and find a new career path that inspires him (private investigating). 2018 will see him soar!

My whole lil family also got to express our shared beliefs by attending the 2017 Nashville Pagan Pride Day event! We had a blast meeting local witches! Can’t wait for next year!

The Year of the Business Witch

2017 brought so many business lessons, its hard to talk about all of them.

I made the decision to join Young Living around this time last year. I spent months working with a lovely mentor, learning about essential oils, and taking classes on business and network marketing. Sadly, this did not work out due to some of the practices and actions taken by the company I could not condone. As the year comes to a close, I signed over those who remained under me to a different Young Living representative and left the company for good. I take with me those lessons I learned.

I taught a course in herbalism and attempted a business as a Pagan mommy blogger. This turned out not to be right for me at this time but I had a lot of fun with the people I worked with and learned a lot about myself.

This is the year I created StartWitchin.
I share the emotions and reasons behind this business in this video. It all comes down to the desire to help witches stop pretending they are powerless, to own their magick, and create the lives of their dreams! I knew I had knowledge and magick to share, I simply had to take the steps towards making it happen. I created this website, wrote Spell Check, and began connecting with you wonderful witches!

In order to give my magickal business its best chance, I sought guidance and mentorship. I found Abiola Abrams and her Spiritpreneur Warrior Business Sisterhood. This has been one of the very best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only does Abiola walk me through each step I need to take in my business (with amazing results), she also backs it with psycho-spiritual aid and a community of like-minded sisters who are truly there for each other. This program has become a home for me and my work and I cant recommend them enough!

I also drafted TWO books this year. One is a Pagan cozy mystery with a hint of romance I plan to clean up in edits and submit to a small publishing house in 2018. The other is a book I feel embodies everything StartWitchin is about and can’t wait to self publish it next year, called Coming Out of the Broom Closet. Check back soon for pre-publish details.

Magickal Learning

I never stop learning, whether its from life in general or by purposefully seeking lessons.

A huge event that taught me so much was the 2017 Solar Eclipse. I spent much of it focusing on shadow work and coming into alignment with myself. I am still processing so much of the work I did during this time and have a feeling I will be carrying much of it into 2018, gladly.

This year I made time for learning.
I took a course with Rachel of Aeolian Heart called DISCOVERY. If you want to learn Astrology, this is the best course I’ve ever come across. I’ve always wanted to learn more about astrology but I was worried about not understanding it. Rachel not only made it all clear to me but it felt like learning from a friend. The class community is also great and it feels good to geek out about these things with like-minds.

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