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2018 Tarot Goals #31DaysofTarot

There’s a lot of talk in January about goals for the year ahead. We discuss weight loss goals, business and financial goals, relationship goals, minimalism, travel, and parenting goals. We might toss in educational goals or goals regarding our religious path such as studying a new divination technique, taking a pilgrimage, or working more with a certain Deity or our ancestors. I shared my Spell goals for 2018 here. Today, as part of the #31DaysofTarot, I share my 2018 Tarot Goals.

My 2018 Tarot Goals

  • Study the philosophical and practical connections of Tarot and Astrology deeper.
    Since I finished the astrology course I took last year, this is something that has become a more prevalent interest for me. I can’t wait to see where astrology takes me now that I have a better understanding of it.
  • Finish creating homes for all of my tarot decks.
    I like to create a unique case for each of my tarot decks as part of my bonding process. Last year I swapped out some decks and now have new ones that need cases. I create these by either crocheting, sewing, or purchasing a wooden box that I then decorate with wood burning and/or adorning with crystals and the like. I have 3 that need cases at this time.
  • Make a practice of researching and trying out new spreads.
    I didn’t think much about the fact that I tend to the same handful of spreads or improv spreads until I did a 31 day tarot spread challenge set up by TarotProse last year. Seeing all the great spreads in that challenge, my interest in tarot had a new breath of fresh air. I want to continue that this year and am collecting interesting tarot spreads to try on Pinterest.
  • Connect with the Tarot community through Chats and Challenges. 
    Starting 2018 off with the #31DaysofTarot challenge and seeing the other participants, as well as last years spread challenge, helped me connect with some great people within the tarot community. I’ve also experienced this in the #TarotRap Twitter chat. I love meeting with like-minds and geeking out over our shared tarot interests. It reminds me why I love these cards so much.

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