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4 Prosperity Herbs Guest Blog by Green Witch Michelle Simpkins

Almost any book on herbal magic will list herbs for prosperity and wealth. It’s one of the most common goals of magic to attract more wealth into our lives–or for many of us, to attract enough to help us get by. Today I want to look at four of my favorite prosperity herbs, chosen because they are easy to acquire or grow and delightful to work with.


(Matricaria chamomilla, German chamomile, or Chamaemelum nobile, Roman chamomile) is well known as a gentle, relaxing herb. In the garden, chamomile spreads freely, making a soft fragrant mat that invites you to come rest for a moment and just breathe. When I first heard mention of chamomile as an herb of prosperity and wealth, it seemed counter intuitive. Like most Americans, I was raised thinking of wealth as the domain of the go-getter, the too-busy, aggressive, adrenaline-fueled power grabber. There’s a lot of cultural, even mythical, weight behind this perception, from the Bible’s God-or-money dualism to movies and stories … it’s everywhere. Yet we all need money to get by in this culture, whether we like it or not, and money isn’t, in and of itself, infused with aggression and inevitable burnout. Money is a form of energy, a tool of exchange. Working with chamomile can help us approach money with a gentler, more relaxed attitude. She can help us let go of all those uptight preconceptions about how money only comes with a lot of hustle and questionable morality. She can remind us that money is energy, like love, like happiness, like healing, and we can call money into our lives with love and gentleness if that is what we want. If you are stressed about money, if you are mistrustful of money, chamomile is your girl. She can help you feel into your desire, your motivations, and let your energy flow so you can allow what you need to come into your life.

Where you can find her: the garden, tea bags, and in bulk from most health food stores and herb suppliers.


Unlike chamomile, the association of mint (Mentha spp.) with money is a no-brainer. Mint knows how to prosper. Mint laughs in the face of drought, compacted soil, pests, and storms. Mint is hard to kill, hard to eradicate, and hard to ignore. But oh does she smell wonderful, and taste wonderful, and she can clear the cobwebs from your brain with one inhalation. While chamomile can help you relax into the flow of receptivity and trust, mint can show you how to have fun. She can show you how to thrive no matter what. If you’re afraid you don’t have the strength or ability to manifest money, if you feel tired and discouraged, mint can help. She can help you wake up, clear out those doubts that are holding you back, and bring you the energy and enthusiasm you need to act. She can help you feel more cheerful and hopeful as you make magic and take the steps necessary to fill your life with blessings.

Where you can find her: the garden, tea bags, in bulk form from most health food stores and herb suppliers, on abandoned lots, next to the sidewalk, in fields and ditches and anywhere people live or have lived at one time or another. There are many varieties of mint, and all of them work beautifully for prosperity magic.

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The association of oak (Quercus spp.) with prosperity also makes sense in a deep, ancient way. Every year, mature oak trees provide abundant nourishment for animals, and also for the soil as it’s plentiful leaves fall to earth and decompose into organic richness. I feel oak is associated with the kind of wealth that deeply nourishes both the bank account and the spirit. If you have a hard time believing that money can be used for the good of the world, if you feel like asking for money is somehow unspiritual yet you really need help, oak is a good friend. Oak can help you see money’s power to make your life better, and to make the world better through you. Oak can also help you look deep into the roots of your doubts about money and see the source of your troubles. She can do this even if you never cast a single spell. Oaks are good listeners, and give good advice. Sit with an oak tree, lean against her trunk, watch her leaves or branches move in the breeze, and breathe. Share all your feelings and doubts and troubles with her, and then just be still. Close your eyes and listen. Be patient. Do it often. In time, oak will help you achieve a truly centered, grounded state which will benefit all areas of your life. And she will help you dig down into your roots and reach the understanding you need in order to move forward. And once you are ready to make magic, oak is ready with leaves, acorns, and her beautiful wood to help you craft talismans, incenses, or other magical objects to attract the prosperity you need.

Where you can find her: in open fields and city parks. There are many varieties of oak, and all the ones I’ve ever met have been friendly and eager to help with magic.


(Verbena officinalis) isn’t an herb you’re likely to find in a teabag or in the herb section at your nearest whole foods. But she is easy to grow, and once established in the garden will reproduce madly with no assistance from you. Vervain is one of those herbs which can be used for almost any magical purpose: a true sorcerer, though you’d never think so to look at her unassuming leaves and flowers. In my garden she not only flourishes and grows bigger every year, but she also makes baby vervain plants all over the place, throwing her seeds hither and yon with cheerful abandon. If you are plagued by scarcity consciousness, feeling like there’s just not enough to go around, vervain is a wonderful ally. She will show you there’s plenty for all of us, if we are just willing to share and be open to the possibilities. She’ll show you it doesn’t have to be so hard. And she’ll show you how to be cheerful and generous as you manifest your desires. (Important note: Vervain is a great example of why it’s important to use the latin name of a plant when purchasing it or growing it. There are multiple plants referred to with the common name Vervain: all have different energies. But there is only one Verbena officinalis.)

Where you can find her:┬áIn bulk from herbal suppliers – or plant some in your own garden and have all you need plus more than enough to share.

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Michelle Simkins is a writer, artisan and greenwitch living in the Pacific Northwest. You can learn more about her work at michelle-simkins.com, or by following her on twitter (@PNW_Michelle) or Instagram (@pnw_michelle).