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6 Ways to Harness 2017 Solar Eclipse Magick

Shadow Work Tarot

Every witch I’ve talked to the last two weeks has asked, “What are you doing for the solar eclipse?” That, or “What should I do for the solar eclipse?” Right along with any other questions witches answer, the response to Solar Eclipse Magick is as varied as the number of us that you ask. To answer that question the best I can, I curated a list of the most popular articles, blogs, and sites with magickal ideas for this celestial event.

Solar Eclipse Magick

South Carolina Witches Celebrate the Solar Eclipse with Beach Ritual

At least one group of Pagans has attracted plenty of media attention. Several local news articles (including the link above) are focusing on Myrtle Beach, SC and its many witches who are coming together to celebrate the eclipse with an all day event.
Bri An Lasair, owner of metaphysical shop Labyrinth Walking, and other practicing witches will also hold a ritual during the eclipse which aims to get rid of past burdens and invite in prosperity for the future.
“To kind of cut ties with things that are finished, things that might be holding you back, or just general resentments, frustrations, and setting goals that we’d rather be working on,” said Lasair of the ritual.

Solar Eclipse Ritual for Self Love and New Beginnings

In order to use this amazing energy to your advantage, setting your intentions and thinking about what new things you want to manifest for the year ahead can be helpful.
This ritual is a fantastic stand alone or to do before other eclipse events as it centers on a cleansing bath ritual. A perfect solution for Pagans who need to fit a way to honor the eclipse in a busy schedule because it is as quick as bathing.

Solar Eclipse Ritual for Busting Through Blocks and Setting Your Soul Free

[Astrologically] it does appear that the moment of the eclipse will give us an uncommon opportunity to break old chains, step out of old patterns, and fly free into beautiful new paradigms.
That is, if we can assess what isn’t currently working in our life, and then bravely stare it down.
And if we can get in touch with the most glorious vision we have for our life’s most ideal unfolding, then bravely feel it, see it, trust that it’s possible, and believe that we deserve it.
Tess Whitehurst is one of my fav Pagan authors so I certainly perked up when I saw she wrote a ritual for the eclipse. This is a candle ritual that focuses on breaking old paradigms and habits and making way for the conscious shift in our lives after the eclipse.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Spell

This is a unique magickal time, as spells cast during an eclipse have staying power until the next eclipse occurs.
Llewellyn’s Spell-A-Day rarely lets us down. This throw-back from 2016 is one that can be used no matter where or when the eclipse can be seen.

A Solar Eclipse Spell for Christian Witches

Be not afraid…I send my blessing to every single person, male and female, who has suffered and is suffering still under the oppression of patriarchy.
The channeled words of the Blessed Mother and a tarot ritual is a great way for witches of all kinds to step into the energies of this eclipse. While this article was written for the Pisces eclipse, its message and working continue to be of use.

Shadow Work

If you’ve been anywhere near me or follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that I’ve been spending the time between the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse focused on shadow work. You don’t need weeks to prepare for this work. This link has several journal prompts, tarot spreads, and workbooks that you can use today to hardest these dark and light energies for integration.

Still need more ways to rock out Solar Eclipse Magick?

Andi Zeisler of Bitch Media listed a number of kickass ways to celebrate the “Most Feminine Eclipse Ever” in their article Bad Moon Rising. The piece is full of snark – Between epic traffic jams, sold-out motels and campgrounds, safety concerns, and possible astrological repercussions, August 21 is going to be a gigantic, beautiful clusterfuck, and we at Bitch HQ are here for it – and I love it.