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How December went from Broom Closet to Badass Witch
(and you can too!)

December Badass Witch
Witch. Priestess. Guide.

I am a Modern Northern Tradition Pagan Polytheist Witch.
I discovered magick at a very young age (Pluto in 6th House, anyone?) and the more I practiced witchcraft, the more I loved it. Like so many young witches, I grew up in a Christian home, living in the “Bible belt” of the United States. Fearing consequences for being different, much of my young life was spent hiding my interests in the “broom closet.”

When I aged into adulthood, I used my magickal practice to help me step into my personal power and come out as a Witch. This was difficult and the struggle wasn’t over just because I now spoke aloud what I’d been feeling for years. However, because I opened up to becoming the Badass Witch I always want to be, I was able to draw to me the support and love I needed.

If it weren’t for coming out of the boom closet, I would not have had all the amazing experiences and dreams-made-flesh that I have today! It was through magick that I met my soul mate, that I healed from the darkest time of my life, that I conceived my son, that I’ve traveled all across the United States (even to Alaska!), I’ve been trained and mentored by some amazing experts in tarot and magick, and that I’ve made a career doing exactly what I love doing – helping people with magick!

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