About Me

The number 1 question and request I get from clients and fellow witches and seekers is How Can I Be a Witch on a Daily Basis in the Real World?

Today my life is filled with parenting my toddler, constantly finding new ways to connect with my husband, working with my Ancestors…more and more a family tradition of magick. Whether its kitchen witchery learning recipes my distant Ancestors might have used or teaching my son songs and (simplified) stories of our Gods and path, or learning the stories of my more recent Ancestors from living relatives (recording visitations of ghosts and spirits, how they used herbs, superstitions they held) all are part of building a family tradition where before there hasn’t been one in generations.

I’m constantly learning. Whether its achieving my certification as an herbalist, finding new divination methods, or chatting with other witches and finding a new way to look at something I’ve done for years.

This website and blog are all about helping other witches to actually start doing witchcraft. Its not just something you read about in books. Being a Witch is doing witchcraft. Its not dressing like a witch and its not decorating your home like a witch. Its DOING Witchcraft.

You can read more of my work in the following sites and publications:

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