Witch Life

Before and After Spell Check

Before I Discovered the Practice of Spell Check

I began my magickal practice as a young teen. In the broom closet, I had to do without most of the tools available to me today – candles, crystals, altar tools, etc. Mostly what I had was what I found free online or in the library, a desire to learn, and what things I could smuggle into my bedroom at night like table salt and bottled water. Out of necessity I created a strong energy-based practice where in most of my magick was done in my head, with my energy body, and astrally.

Later in life, after coming out and able to start using tools and have larger ritual practices, I had a hard time deciphering what I actually needed from the sparkle of Pagan consumerism. A part of me (my Taurus Moon perhaps) wanted anything and everything that smacked of magickal antique beauty. I dreamed of a large grimoire, crystals glittering in a room full of old books, and altar tools fit for a queenly high priestess. However, I knew from experience that these were not exactly necessary for spells to work.

I then questioned, what made a spell work in the first place. Why was it that sometimes my spells worked out just as I wanted them to and other times they fizzled out or gave me results that were a twisted mockery of what I asked for.

Spell Check Discovery

To figure out why some spells work, I looked at the strongest ones I’d ever done that gave me big, true, tangible results.

The first was in junior high school. As a student that did well but preferred not to be called on in class, I decided to try an invisibility spell. After a couple of weeks of practice, I found I could do this on demand but that I had to be careful not to do it when roll was taken or I’d be marked absent when I was actually there. When I shared this discovery with my friends, they wanted to try it out too. They asked if there was a way to make them invisible as well. I looked at the spell like a shields and figured it was possible. I didn’t doubt the possibility or my own abilities to do it. Laying out the ground rules, I cast invisibility over myself and five other people. It worked like a charm for 2 hours.

The second spell was a binding. A girl I was once friends with was starting to act shady and had jokingly threatened to use magick on myself and others and that I would not be powerful enough to prevent it. I didn’t feel it was much of a joke so I did a binding on her with the caveat that it would break at the moment she admitted that it had been done and that someone was powerful enough to bind her. Again, I did not doubt my skills and I was clear and specific about what I wanted. To this day, I’ve been told, that she complains of not being able to do even a basic meditation practice or any magick but when suggested that it was another witch acting against her, this girl laughed and said it was not possible.

Third and last was the spell that brought my now husband and I together. The simplest spell of the three in that it was merely a meditative journaling practice wherein a detailed the person I wanted to be with. I put so much energy into this practice and returned to it regularly when reviewing my journal. Years after my husband and I were together, I was cleaning out my old journals and found this spell. I read it to my husband and we were both pleasantly surprised how exact it was, down to his eye color in fact.

I reviewed these spells and others and came to understand how exactly to perform spells that worked.

After Spell Check

Since applying these principles and practices to my spell craft, my life has changed so much. I now move much more confidently in my day to day. When I am faced with a problem I turn to my motto, Stop Bitchin, Start Witchin, and I have the ability to actually do something about it.

Case and point: I was stressing about our financial situation when some money we were expecting fell through. I started a series of money spells and during that period of time I got a side job that paid for a business program I wanted to be in, I also got a scholarship for another course I wanted to take, my husband won $500 from a scratch off ticket, and I had smaller gifts of everything from coffee and tea to high value coupons for items I needed to buy. Needless to say, it works.

To see these same results in your magickal life, grab my free ebook Spell Check. In this book I lay out the steps to take before, during, and after casting a spell that makes your magick potent and brings you into alignment with what you want.