Tarot Tuesday: Bartering Tarot Readings

I get asked all the time if I will exchange or trade tarot readings. I love to barter and trade – its something I used to do all the time when I was on a fair and festival circuit. I’ve traded fro lunch, for jewelry, for clothes, for other readings, for candles and herbs, for crystals, you name it. How I see it, bartering tarot readings or any service is just as legitimate an energy exchange as money for product or service.

When a friend introduced me to Simbi, I was very excited to see a growing community that honored the act of barter. I was even more stoked to see that they encouraged this system both online and off, including product exchange, meet and greets, swap meets, and more. How exciting to find people that understood how the barter system worked and were genuinely interested in another person’s craft or skill.

Bartering: Trying to Get Something for Nothing?

You see, barter isn’t just something you do when you can’t afford a product or a service, in this case, a tarot reading. It doesn’t really work that way. The only time barter works well is if everyone involved honors themselves, believes what they have to offer is of value, and is honest about that value when offering to exchange it for something else. Its not a system of swindling someone or getting something for nothing. Not only is that cheating the world out of receiving the special product or service you offer but it is also not going to get you very much in return. People tend to see wooden nickles for what they are sooner or later and avoid them.

Since joining Simbi I’ve received work on my kickass logo from Sarah Ashley, an astrology reading, various divination readings, jewelry and I’m even discussing getting my hair done by a local Simbi peep! I’ve also connected with some amazing spiritual entrepreneurs like Mitchell of Voltlin.com, who I have since written for. Its not just fabulous for getting things in return for what you offer, its also a way to meet some amazing people.

bartering tarot readingsFor those of you truly interested in bartering for a tarot reading, or just want to try out my readings before investing in a longer session – I currently offer Body-Mind-Spirit readings on Simbi. In these readings I see where you are currently in these three areas and what energies are effecting you. I usually follow this reading up with a little advice on how to move ahead and am willing to answer questions on these cards specifically.

*The Simbi link provided is connected with my personal account. I receive simbi credit to use towards services on that site when you use that link to sign up. In exchange for using my link, I welcome anyone who signs up to talk with me and I will provide advice on how to use the site and will even help you out of “newb” status when you post your first offering for trade.