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We now have a Patreon. I’m super excited about setting up these offerings as they are a direct response to some of our most highly requested services – you all have been asking again and again for more herbal information and a peek into our lives as witches. Now you can get just that for really low monthly cost!

Become a Witch Patron of Our Emerald Toad Patreon

Join the first tier to get all the warm fuzzy feelings that come with supporting a small, family owned business just for witches – as well as behind the scenes look at upcoming projects, first dibs on product releases, discounts, and more. $1

Join the second tier and get our Monthly Materia Magicka. Every month I will release a document about a witch’s herb. This will include information about its magickal and medicinal uses as well as recipes to start using this herb in your life. $2

Join the third tier and get a peek into our family’s black book. A Page from our Grimoire will include a spell, ritual, or advanced recipe as well as our research behind it and our experiences. This is a unique look into our lives as witches. $10

Once we reach $100 a month, Damon and I will begin our launch of the Green Witch educational game app. In this app you will learn real recipes with herbs, learn how to forage for various herbs, and play a fun gardening and potion making game. Think cafe game, farmville, and real witchery all rolled into one.

If you are part of our Facebook group – Witches and Toads – you get to vote on our first herb for the Monthly Materia Magicka!


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