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Becoming a Professional Witch

Choosing witchcraft as a career path might seem a little strange in a world and culture where most kids are encouraged to grow up to become doctors and lawyers, teachers and politicians. However, I was never what would be considered a “normal” kid and growing up I made non-committal responses to adults asking what I wanted to do when I got older – usually I said a “writer.” Choosing to become a Professional Witch came later in life, after shedding the shackles of what I “should” be and stepping into who I wanted to be.

The first response to my wanting to become a witch and make my life and money that way was – I can’t just be a Witch? I mean, who does that. But I knew we can only do and be what we choose. This is co-creation, this is magickal practice – making myself into who I truly wanted to be.
In a world where people could become truly anything they wanted to become and create anything they can dream up, I am still flabbergasted when so many people choose to limit themselves to a concept of mundane reality.

Professional WitchFairies – while I haven’t seen much of Twig the Fairy lately (since her pregnancy she’s taken down time to grow her magickal family), I am a big fan of this fairy lady. Her books are absolutely adorable, great for kids and adults. Anyone who chooses to be a fairy as life and business is pretty damn cool in my book.

Mermaids – I first learned about these magickal people watching television (I think there was a special on Travel or Discovery). Turns out many oceanic sight-seeing stops are employing mermaids for attractions! Mermaid activists are also helping protect our waters and the creatures in it. Now with companies like Merrow Fins, anyone can live their childhood dreams of being a sea creature and siren. (I’m still looking for some badass Ursula tentacles myself)

Knights – if you haven’t heard of Virginia Hawkins, she is one of only a few professional stunt women and female knights in the world! Female knights are a wonderful part of the real world!

Unicorns – that’s right, real unicorns. Oberon and Morning Glory, American Pagan elders, created unicorns that were picked up by Barnum & Bailey. These majestic creatures benefited from the creation of one horn and were more intelligent and gentle than their two-horned family members. I was thrilled to read about these creatures, as well as the Wizard and Witch that made them, in their biography.

After reading about real mermaids and fairies and knights, it occurred to me that being a real witch as both lifestyle and business and way of being is perfectly achievable. I took those first steps with this inspiration and I haven’t looked back.

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