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Behind Sex Magick Blogging

Hello Witches and Magickal People! April has arrived as well as the #30DayOrgasmFun Challenge. I first heard about this idea of 30 days of sensual self care for mental health on Twitter, from Tabitha Rayne, the creatrix of this challenge of sorts. I am participating this year and wanted to add my magickal sparkle to the idea. Today I will start things off by giving you a look Behind Sex Magick Blogging this month – a pretty much why I’m doing this challenge, why I use sex magick, and what sex magick is in my own words.

Throughout this month I will be posting about sex magick tools (crystals, herbs, and more), resources for learning more (because I am no expert), spells and rituals, and my own experiences. Today’s post, I will try to keep it simple, sorcerers.

What is #30DaysOrgasmFun?

Tabitha Rayne published this blog post in 2017 and started this journey that so many others have joined in with.

…in all my years of having mental health struggles, nobody has ever once suggested orgasm as a way to lift my spirits. (Apart from my lover, who gladly would come to my aid if I told him of this prescription!) I always bang on about the power of the mighty orgasm to help unify mind, body and soul – that post-climax blissed out haze is a wonderful place indeed…
But no-one has said, “I suggest you masturbate every day to orgasm and see if that lifts your mood”.
I can generally tell if I’m going into a dark spell, as my sex drive is one of the first things to go so today I am going to start an experiment. I would be delighted if you would join in and let me know your experiences.”

The blog went viral it seems and this year many, myself included, are joining in on social media and our own blogs with #30DayOrgasmFun. I’d like to invite you to join us as well.

Why Am I Participating in #30DayOrgasmFun and Sex Magick?

The short answer: sex is awesome and I enjoy it.

The long answer: sex helps mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Like magick, sex helps you focus on the here and now and on yourself working with another/others. Like magick, sex can be used and enjoyed by all people to achieve a goal. Sex also can help us with our magick.

I’m participating because sex is still a taboo topic. I’m talking about the joys and magick of sex of all genders and sexualities because its actually kinda hard to find inclusive language in books on sex magick. I’m sharing this openly because it has made a difference in my magick and I know it can make a difference in the lives of other witches.

What is Sex Magick Anyways?

Sex Magick is the act of combing sexual acts (masturbation, intercourse) with magickal acts (meditation, manifestation, spell work, rituals, etc) to achieve a desired result. This magick is not limited to love or fertility but can be used for many varied magickal forms and purposes.

Magick focusing on sex and love is the most popular magick sought after by witches and has been for centuries.