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Tarot Tuesday: 2015 Interview with Lupa GreenWolf

My interview with Tarot of Bones Creatrix Lupa GreenWolf originally published on Seer&Sundry When trying to express Lupa Greenwolf and her amazing body of work, I felt like the words I wrote were incomprehensible. Perhaps she explains it best on her own website about page: Through my art, I am a voice crying out in this silicon and concrete wilderness…

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Merry meet
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Merry Meet!

Merry Meet. I saw my 13 year old self. We sized each other up and she raised a brow at me with minimal amusement (I was much too cool back then to be surprised by anything, hah!). 13-yo-me went back to looking at herself in the school bathroom mirror and applied the black lipstick I used to have to hide…

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