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The Question of Local Versus Ancestral

Recently, I’ve seen the topic of focusing witchcraft and spirituality either locally or ancestrally in many forums. Sadly this has turned into a matter of Local Versus Ancestral for some posts. Some witches say the focus should be on where you are now while others focus on the practices and beliefs of their ancestors. This never really made me think…

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Ancestor Veneration

Dealing with Bad Ancestors

I recently did a ramble in my Facebook Group discussing what Ancestor Veneration looks like for me and the discussion turned in the direction of pains that some of our ancestors have caused. My friend Carrie asked “How do you balance skipping those ancestors or generations [that have caused pain] for veneration but still acknowledge that those ancestors still make…

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Modern Ancestor Veneration

I recently read a couple of questions about Ancestor Veneration, specifically Modern Ancestor Veneration, online and thought that it would be good to do a blog post about them. While I haven’t talked much about it on here, honoring the ancestors is something very important to me and to my family. I have been meaning to write about it and…

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