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Choosing Your Word of the Year

The idea of Choosing Your Word of the Year has become more and more popular over the recent years. Lately, it feels like everyone is talking about this concept, and I’m loving it. I’m uncertain where the idea came from to choose a personal word for the year but the furthest back I’ve found was in 2006 with the One Little Word® project by Ali Edwards.

I began choosing a word of the year in 2012. Past words have included Fruition, Empowerment, and Alignment. Friends of mine have chosen Joy, Womanifesting, Dream, Leap, and even Bitch.

Your Word is Better than a Resolution

I was asked recently why choosing a word for the year is better than setting a resolution for the coming year. I answered that having a word of the year, or power word, is far more flexible than a set resolution. People change and with us our goals, dreams, and desires change. We might obtain our goal and seek out something else but a power word can come with us. Words have many meanings, subject to situation and mind set. For example, in 2015 my power word was FRUITION, which I chose with a focus on completing some projects and reaping rewards from my efforts. I discovered I was pregnant in February and fruition took in a whole new meaning! My goals changed with the pregnancy but the word was still a symbol of hope and strength for me.

The second reason power words have proven better than resolutions, in my experience, is based on my belief in omens and signs. When seeking the right path or choice towards achieving my goals, I open myself up to signs from the Divine and my subconscious (or Higher Self). Since choosing a word for the year in alignment with my goals, it has often become the sign I need. One example of many was when it came to choose a business coach,. I had a few options, all of which were the right price and had personalities I resonated with. The right one for me used the word I chose for the year in an ad and I took a chance. This turned out to be the perfect fit!

Choosing your word is about setting intentions. Its stating what you want, pinpointing your desire, and drawing your energy and the energy of the year ahead around it. However, don’t expect your word to do the work for you this year! You still have to set the goals, take the action steps, and do the damn work!
I love what Andrea says in her post about NOT Choosing a Word of the Year: ” Sometimes, when people talk about words of the year, it feels like they’re hoping the word will operate as a hot air balloon that will just gently easily bouncily float them over to what they want. All that is is another way of breaking your own heart.”

My Word for the Year

My word for 2018 is FOCUS. I chose this word after doing my new year planning prep. For me this means discovering my personal year number (numerology), finding my tarot guides for the year, charting out what major astrological events will happen, and listing my major goals for the year. To do this, I follow the exercises I shared in Manifest Your Magickal Year Workbook.
2018 for me is full of what my mentor, Abiola Abrams, calls blissipline for me. This means that its disciplining myself within my passions – nose to the grindstone with work that I love to do! This isn’t work I “should” be doing but, rather, work I love to do but don’t always make time for or get distracted from.

For example, I love connecting with other witches and, within a goal I have for writing, have wanted to start doing some interviews and other work that requires combining witchy-forces. That being said, in the past I have let distraction, fear, and limiting beliefs get in the way of this goal. 2018 is all about getting these things and so much more done.
The energies I’m working with in 2018 are the number 7 as well as my Saturn Return in Capricorn. My guides are the Blasted Tower and the Chariot in tarot. These energies and guides have a very mature, no-nonsense, lets get shit done that we love vibe that I plan to fully embrace.

Once I looked at all of these factors, I set about choosing a word. I had a few ideas in mind, making a list, then I went about researching where they come from. Etymology is a hobby/love of mine. I love looking into where words come from as well as how they’ve evolved in meaning.
FOCUS. I knew the word was mostly about centering your attention on one point. When I looked it up I saw that it also means “adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly” as well as “the point of origin of an earthquake.” This resonated strongly with me. The clincher was when I looked at where Focus come from. Latin, literally ‘domestic hearth.’ The focus was the center of the home, the heart of the house and family. This resonated with some of my home and family goals as well.

I was set and made Focus my word for 2018. My subconscious/Higher Self loved this and highlighted areas and conversations where the word keeps coming up. A big one was a post-it note Joanna DeVoe had in an Instagram shot that said Focus Pocus, like a lil spell. I nearly shouted with glee and told her I would be stealing that in the future. I wrote Hocus Pocus FOCUS on my vision board and am so glad with my choice.

You’ve Got Your Word, Now What?

  • Meditate on Your Word! Sit with it and how it makes you feel. Write it or say it or both until it loses all meaning and is only a feeling. Paint or draw it as it inspires you. Write an anagram poem, using each letter of the word to inspire other words or phrases that make you think of what you want your coming year to bring.
  • Make Your Word Visible! Add it to your vision board, journal, and planner. Get a t-shirt made, write it on notes stuck to your mirrors, and make it your wallpaper on your computer and phone.
  • Share Your Word with Others! Tell those around you about your word and ask them about theirs. Inspire each other.
  • Gather Quotes! Collect the words of great people that have used your word of the year in a quote, poem, or speech. Write these down and use them to inspire you throughout the year.
  • Create a Themed List! Make a list of books to read, movies to watch, or songs to listen to that relate to your word. Don’t just use the actual word but also the feelings that it evokes in you to make these lists.