Tarot Tuesday: Create Your Own Tarot Spreads

My husband asked me to do a reading for him. He was stumped about a career decision and simply wanted to know if there was something he wasn’t seeing before he went forward.

I didn’t have a specific spread in mind and wasn’t able to spend a lot of time perusing the internet for a spread layout that would match his needs. So, I improvised and created my own spread.

There are a lot of blog posts, Pinterest boards, articles, and classes available that share how to create your own tarot spread. I figured I would keep this one simple.

What Do You Want to Know?

First things first, what are you doing the reading on? What is it that you want or need to know? Why are you asking the questions you are asking? Get real with yourself and don’t try and hide behind any pretenses as they do not serve you and will not get you want you want.

Write down your question in your tarot journal, book of shadows, or on a simple sheet of paper along with the following questions and your answers.

What Can Help You?

Consider all aspects of this question. Are there other people involved? Do you need a reminder of what strengths or allies you have to help you through this? Do you need help seeing what hurdles are in your way? Do you simply want advice?

For each aspect you are considering, you will want to have a card placement.

What Magickal Associations Will You Use?

Do you like to include correspondences and associations in your reading? Do you want your spread to resemble a specific symbol? Do you use numerology and want to use a certain number of cards?

There are no right answers to these questions, it is all up to you and how you read best.

Creating Your Spread

After considering all of the above questions, you can now figure out how to read the cards.

For my husbands reading I needed a card that represented him as he now was (a signifier), a card that represented his current situation, a card representing the choice he was contemplating, and a card that gave advice on what to do.

After shuffling, I let him cut the deck. Yet…I had a very strong urge to cut as well. I followed this urge and the extra card I pulled became the representation of my effect on his decision – what I had at stake in his choices.

I read the cards and we discussed the matter. He left the spread feeling satisfied he was making the right choice. I gathered the cards up and was glad I was able to pull a spread on the fly.

Final step – Follow your intuition.

Don’t get so attached to a spread (one you make or one you picked from another resource) that you are unwilling to pull another card when your instinct tells you to. Allow the card that fell out of the deck or that you were drawn to pull to have a place at your reading. Its the deck (higher self, Universe, Deity, whatever) saying that there is more to your world than what you choose to see.

Want Help with Your Readings?

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