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5 Dream Spells

Dream Spells

Dream SpellsOn the 5th day of Witchmas, my magick brought to me…5 Spells for Dreams!!!!

Winter is often considered a time of silence, hibernation, and turning within. Activity lulls and we long to stay home and get cozy for the season. Darkness cradles us in this time, even after the light returns and begins to wax, the nights are still long. This is the perfect time for reevaluating the past year and spending Witchmas dreaming of the year ahead. To help you out, I’ve listed 5 Dream Spells below!

For witches that plan and set new years resolutions, using the term dreaming might seem like an odd choice for this type of work. However, its the perfect activity and tool during this time of the year. As we recuperate from the activity and drama of 2017, we can build castles in the sky of our minds for what it is we want to create in 2018. Dreaming is powerful magick – both the day dreaming in which we fantasize about the life we want to live and the subconscious creations of our resting minds. There’s quite a connection between the two, in fact!

When we start focusing on the dreams we have when sleeping, we can better recognize the actions we need to take to make room in our lives and our energy for the dreams we have when we are awake. Click To Tweet

When we start focusing on the dreams we have when sleeping, we can better recognize the actions we need to take to make room in our lives and our energy for the dreams we have when we are awake. A way to harness that magick is to first protect, clarify, and strengthen our dreams at night with spell work.

Invocation to the Night Goddess Nott by Raven Kaldera

While not technically a spell, for those of us who work with deities in our magickal practice, Goddesses of the Night are wonderful allies to honor. A personal favorite for me is the Norse Goddess, Nott, as well as the Moon God, Mani.

Hail to Nott, Old Woman of the Night,
The hem of your black robe twinkles
With the multitudinous stars as you go,
And we watch, and marvel at the Mysteries
You flaunt each night in your passing.
Hail, Hrimfaxi’s rider, dewdrops sparkling
On your dark bridle, nourishing the Earth.
Hag of the Night, Sacred Elder,
Silver-haired like the clouds across the Moon,
Mother of Day, Mother of Earth,
Mother of the Sea-Lover whose ships breast the horizon,
Lover of Jotun, Alf, and Van, and any
Whose upturned face in the moonlight
You find lovely in your old, old eyes.
Bless us, Nott, with fine sleeping
And may your dark horse ride gently in our dreams.

To Drive Away Bad Dreams from Black Witch Coven

You will need:

  • A bowl of warm water
  • salt
  • a chosen sprig of herb
  • string

Dissolve the salt in the warm water.
Tie the herbs together.
Dip the sprigs in the water and sprinkle the corners of the room with the water.
Next use the sprigs to sprinkle the salt water on your bedclothes, and particularly round the head and foot of the bed.
When you have done this, place the herbs under your pillow, or if you prefer, under the middle of the bed.
The next morning,, discard the herbs at a crossroads if you can, either by burying them or allowing them to disperse to the four winds. Otherwise ensure that you have carried them well away from your home.
This carries all negativity away from your bedroom and bed.

This spell uses rosemary which brings clarity, sage for wisdom, ladies bedstraw which is said to have lined the manger at Christ‘s birth, and broom corn, which is used in worship of the Mexican goddess Chicomecohuatl.
All these herbs bring cleansing, not just of the room but also of the occupant‘s aura or subtle energy. On the basis that one should always replace negative with positive, you may like to use the following technique to bring about positive dreams.

Candle Sleep Spell from Everything Under the Moon

Take a white household candle and light it without a word.
Walk counterclockwise around your bedroom three times.
As you do this, project simple protective phrases into the walls, floors, and windows such as:
“Keep me safe” etc.
Next, walk clockwise three times in silence, meditating on positive, restful phrases.
Finally, blow out the candle, whisper the word “sleep” and turn in for the night.

Note that this spell does not need to be repeated to continue working.
Instead, simply light the candle for a few minutes each night, then whisper “sleep” again before getting into bed.
When the candle is completely spent, repeat the original spell with a new white candle

Magick Marigold Dream Spell from Witches of the Craft

Scatter marigold flowers under your bed, make your wish, and then say:

Wish I want and wish I may
Come to me through dream so fair
Come by night and come by day
Come, thou wish, and ride thee here

Dream Oracle spell from Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes 

Write your query lucidly and concisely on a slip of paper.
Slice a slit into a poppy seed head and place the paper within it.
Sleep with this beneath your pillow to receive a response in your dreams.