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Emerald Toad: Changes They Are A’Comin’

A beautiful part about getting deeper into magickal practice is that you open yourself up to transformation and evolution even in the most unlikely areas of your life. And so it is with my business. 2019 my husband, Damon, and I are opening a magickal joint venture – Emerald Toad. It will be a business catering to witches with a focus on natural, traditional, magickal material for physical products, books, and digital services and courses.

Now that I’ve made that announcement so bluntly, I will backtrack a little and explain how we came about this decision, what it means for Start Witchin, and what Emerald Toad will look like regarding offerings – ultimately, what does this mean for you. It’s not my goal to leave you hanging. Instead. I want to let you in on what is going on so that, when the change goes down in the New Year, you aren’t thrown for a loop.

Changing Face of Magickal Business

As some of you who have known me for a while might already know, Start Witchin is not my first business. I’ve attempted a handful of ventures over the years, some with partners that ended up not being a good match, and some with the best of intentions but not enough business know-how to keep it going. One of those ventures was The Emerald Toad – a short lived attempt at a witchcraft business that lasted long enough for a booth at a Renaissance fair and then fizzled out when my partners and I couldn’t work out logistics beyond that event.

From there I went forward on solo projects, success ebbing and flowing. Finally I sought business guidance and coaching which has really helped me to figure out what does and doesn’t work along side my passion for this business.

Start Witchin has been great – even the things that didn’t work out were amazing learning opportunities. It has allowed me to dig deeper and deeper into my personal practice. I have been able to see what what programmed onto my by people who’s opinions I no longer am in alignment with nor value – I can also see what it is I truly believe and resonate with now (with room for growth). I wouldn’t have had this growth without the experimentation and conversations and magick that Start Witchin catalyzed.

Magickal Partnership

During this time of digging deeper, I have also deepened my relationship with my husband. Damon is also a practicing witch and devoted polytheist with a strong love for land spirits and working with his hands to create art that functions in a magickal way. He is a wood worker and blacksmith along with a fantastic trail guide, survivalist, and amateur herbalist. I’m very blessed to have a romantic partner that shares so many of my interests and passions.
He has been a silent, integral partner with Start Witchin. Not only did he put up the initial funds to get this business going, he is my sounding board for every idea and post, my guinea pig for the courses and exercises I share, and my emotional support.

Over time, his participation has grown and we often discuss past business along with future goals. A topic that arises often is that we miss creating physical products and doing fairs, festivals, etc. The latter hasn’t happened much mostly due to parenting – we haven’t figured out how to juggle child care with running a booth at events. Also we’re still relatively new to the Nashville area after living in Alaska for 5 years.
The topic of physical products kept coming up however and with our kid getting older and ready for a babysitter, we have started considering it more seriously.

Starting…or restarting…Emerald Toad was a decision made after a lot of thinking and debating. Damon has his own business with wood work and I have Start Witchin. We wanted to work together but weren’t sure about giving up a business we’d cultivated separately. That being said, it didn’t seem fair to ask either one of us to drop our biz and conform to the other’s. Creating a new brand and business would allow for us to start out with room for each other without serious compromise.

Emerald Toad

The emerald toad is both a guiding spirit and familiar. It’s lucky for witches and psychics, heart-centered business people and passionate seekers of the occult. It was the perfect ally for our business a few years back and still is today. Since reconnecting with this ally and returning to this path as a differing person and witch, the synchronicities, signs, and omens have all been beautifully encouraging (we’re talking a surprise gift of emeralds in the mail!).

The intention with Emerald Toad is to offer a variety of products based on the herbal concoctions, magickal tools, and more that Damon and I use and have recommended/gifted/sold over the years to friends, family, and other witches we have met offline. This includes Damon’s mortar and pestles made with local woods, staves, and wood or crystal pendulums. I will be making our wood balm that Damon uses to nourish his wooden creations for people to buy and use on their wooden tools as well as magick potions such as my Heart’s elixir, Toad Ointment (a type of flying ointment), Ancestor Offering incense, and more.

The creation of physical products to be available at local fairs and festivals does not mean that I will be leaving digital products and services. Instead I will be changing how they are offered so I can spend more time on creating magickal offerings instead of marketing them. We intend to open an online Academy where a membership will give you access to all of my courses, ebooks, and challenges. The energy of these courses will be focused on practical guidance and what is commonly referred to as traditional witchcraft and folk magick.

Regarding Start Witchin, this means I will be transferring some of the work, posts, and the link from here to Emerald Toad once its site is up and running. I will give you updates as they are available and you will be the first to know when the transfer takes place. Please feel free to comment or email any questions you might have regarding the change. I will be happy to assuage any concerns you might have and share what information I can at this time.

Thank you for sticking with me, Witches.


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