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Enchanting Words and Awkward Moments

Enchanting Words

Witchy sister Shane was so wonderful to share with us some magickal words of empowerment this week! When it comes to the power of words, we can all use a helping hand and power boost. Words shape our worlds and I love reading about how other witches embrace this craft. 

Enchanting Words

Enchanting Words…

Words are spells. We speak what we create, and we create what we speak. In this magick life, I like to see every moment at magick. Do you? Energy and emotions are where we bring our reality into life! Except when the funk and the swamp sets in. For me, it’s the conversations with strong personalities, the complainers, the disagreements, and the awkward moments that can be so thick, and mess with my mindset. So Sisters, Goddesses, Fairies, Enchantresses and Magickal Witches, I share some of my secret enchanting in’s and out’s of those moments, they are charged and have worked over time, so enjoy and use them with your wisdom.

I share this with the love and care and the magickal power of vulnerability even within myself. Empaths and magickal women are suffering from this giant collective mess we are having in the world, so the conjuring of the light is more crucial than ever, and at the same time can be highly challenging. Anytime we give energy to a situation, we are casting a spell. What do you do when things are not feeling magick, how do you approach the vulnerable, stressful and highly charged moments? It’s human nature to use bigger energy when things are not going well, SO! Enchantress to the rescue! Whether this is reminder or an opportunity to go deeper, I am excited to share some enchanted signature sentences to get in and out of vulnerable or stressful, or high stakes conversations with loved ones, and those with strong personalities.

…and Awkward Moments

The times when these enchanted sentences and affirmations have come in most handy is when Sister friends are down or complaining, it’s ESPECIALLY hard when what they are needing support in, is something that may be fragile in my own life. Another time is when there are people with strong personalities, like a boss, or when dealing with bureaucracy or… family. Here are a couple of questions to see where these goodies can be used best.

  • When do you feel most awkward in communication?
  • Is there anyone you have withheld thoughts, ideas or truth from?

Our thoughts and words create our world AND we can always change the focus of our thoughts and look for the positive both for ourselves and others. You are now aware of the magical power of the words you use, you can weave the most amazing word spells into your everyday language, it’s like secret magic fun!

The antidote for the friend who complains? The friend who stays stuck or who shares the same problem over and over? Give a magickal compliment, the extra fairy dust is to make it genuine, no BS here. It will switch on a different part of their brain. Next level, (is a bit more fierce) and take permission to use this in every relationship; hearing you speak I feel __________. The foundation of this is, it’s a share, no expected response or expected share back. This person may have no idea of their impact and you may be the brave Goddess who speaks the truth.

Shane’s Favorite Enchanting Words

My favorite signature enchanted sentence is for those awkward moments, it can be with your lover, family, and for a moment where you want it to move on, or there is no resolution. It’s a sentence that is SO charged up with magick, and was the first one I ever used that I thought of as “the bridge.” It’s “right now I feel_______.” It shall be one or two words at most, and you can indeed say; “right now I feel awkward…” It’s so delicious, and is a magnetizing sentence and usually provides relief in any conversation, even with kids!

These words and sentences carry a high vibration, and practice them with all your peoples, and know when you do, you are supported by Enchantresses everywhere!

Enchanting WordsEnchantress Shane is the creator of the Awkward Enchanted Coven; and the Doormat Rehab, for more information and to connect with her go to Enchanted Embodiment