Northern Tradition Paganism

A Devotional for Frigga CFS

Frigga has asked for a devotional.

It makes sense. She is Queen of Asgard, wife of the All-Father Odin, Mistress of Fensalir and shares the throne of Hliðskjálf. She too bears a great gold necklace of lore and has a retinue of Goddess handmaidens who are all great and powerful in their own right. She is a Seeress and Goddess of Wyrd and Spinning. She is a hearth-keeper, a Goddess of domesticity, and business minded. She is a Goddess of Mothers – having had 2 sons and lost one. She is a Goddess of diplomacy and has chosen the winner of battles as well as stopped battles from being fought.
With all of this and more – Frigga is more than deserving of devotions…and yet…where is her devotional? I’ve looked for one. I’ve found so many to Odin, Her husband. His following is great. I’ve found devotionals to other Gods, including a few of Frigga’s handmaidens, some of which have a following larger than the Queen Herself. While Her shrine is lovely, her prayers are many, and most Heathens acknowledge Her, I was saddened not to see Her books. Yet, I didn’t think much of it until She told me it was what she wanted.
I cringed at the idea at first. It felt like a awefully big undertaking.
I did my research, I meditated and…I admit…I procrastinated with excuses – the holiday season is coming up, surely we should wait until after that. No.
When I went to Her in prayer for another recently, I asked if there was any work I could do to insure that this friend’s need was met. Frigga was not pleased with me and sternly told me
“Do what YOU are SUPPOSED to be doing!”
I knew she meant the devotional. I slunk away and began my work on the Call for Submissions. ‘


Calling all who honor the Queen of Asgard. Seeking prayers, rituals, recipes, poetry, essays, tales of encounters, stories, and fiber craft tutorials created for or inspired by Frigga.
Submissions should be under 10,000 words and any photos should be visible in grey-scale. If submitting a fiber art tutorial, please include a picture of the finished product. Previously published pieces are welcome so long as you have permissions and rights to them.

Please send submissions by April 1st, 2017 to my email address – ddfbryant (at) with the name of the piece and your name (or pen name you want the piece published under) and the piece either in the body of the email or attached in .doc or .docx. After the book is published, I will contact you for your mailing info to send you a complimentary copy of the devotional.
Devotionals will be published through Asphodel Press.

I am thrilled to be working on this project for the beloved Queen is due for some attention I think.
Hail to the All-Mother!