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In Venice in the Middle Ages there was once a profession for a man called a codega–a fellow you hired to walk in front of you at night with a lit lantern, showing you the way, scaring off thieves and demons, bringing you confidence and protection through the dark streets.
~Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love

As my client, you will be guided through the dark part of your life so that you can reach your soulful destination. No judgement, just lighting the way and pointing out what shadows you are stumbling into. I offer guidance that helps you embrace your personal power by overcoming fears and limiting beliefs. By doing this, you will be able to create and perform spells that actually work, your manifestation skills will expand endlessly, and you will be able to start creating the life of your dreams. My no-fluff style of intuitive, magickal guidance allows us to cut through the bullshit and get to what you really need to do to make what you want a reality.

We focus on your BIG GOALS, Why you want to make them happen, and then plot baby steps for lasting change in your life using practical magick and manifestation. These baby steps might include a meditation practice, using crystals or tarot, spell work, journaling, and more.

Psychopomp: creatures, spirits, angels, and deities (and I’ll add people) whose responsibility it is to escort souls from Earth to the Afterlife. Their role is not to judge, but to simply provide safe passage.

Who Do I Work With?

Perhaps it is easier to define who I work with by explaining who I do not work with. Pointing out the “other” in order to know ourselves, in a sense.
I do not work with people who are skeptics or expect me to perform parlor tricks to make them believe in magick or my craft. I also don’t work with women who hide behind excuses or roll their eyes and say “I already know that.” (If you did, my dear, you wouldn’t be looking for help anyways). I also don’t work with witches who sneer at or fear the darkness.

I like to work with people who identify as women and who are interested in exploring their depths in order to find what they truly want and make it happen. I work with women who believe in magick. I work with witches, artists, seekers, muses, dreamers.

Discovery Sessions – our first conversation on your goals, your why, and what you would like to get out of these sessions – Free to first time clients.
Psychopomp Sessions – where we dig deep, figure out your obstacles and tools to overcome them.

25 minute Discovery Sessions: Free
1 Psychopomp Session: $125
3 Session Package: $333
6 Session Package: $500

To schedule a session with me and set up your Free Discovery Session, send me an email at december(at)

Testimonials & Recommendations

December is one of the wisest and most intuitive people I know. Whether you ask her for a pendulum reading, just plain advice on an issue you’re having, or if you’re looking to make positive, healthy changes in your life, she will provide you with solid insightful answers on whatever’s going on, and put you on a path to make needed changes in your life.

December was so kind and patient…We made a great team. I look forward to working with December in the future.
~Sarah Ashley of Just Designs Me

I really enjoyed my exchange with December. It’s nice to talk about alternative methods for healing, and having open and honest conversations about real things.
~Grace Ionata