31 Days of Devotion: Hekate’s Many Names

Day 7 of the 31 Days of Devotion to Hekate is all about Her various names and epithets.

There are actually whole articles, blog posts, even chapters of books dedicated to Hekate’s many titles and names. I’ve decided to focus on those I associate with Her the most.

Arkuia / Arkyia – ‘Spinner of webs’, ‘Entrapper’ which adds the the idea that Arachne was indeed one of her priestesses. As a fiber arts lover with a spider familiar, I am fond of this epithet and I can see how easily weaving, spinning, and tying/knotting threads lends itself to witchcraft. She is also called Klôthaiê ‘Spinner of fate’.

Brimo – Fierce, Terrifying. This is supposedly the secret password to enter the Underworld that must be whispered.

Chrysosandalaimopotichthonia ‘Goddess of the Lower World Wearing Golden Sandals and Drinking Blood’ I added this one for shear length and challenge you to pronounce it.

Damasandra – ‘Dominator of Men’, ‘Subduer of Men’ The epithet I use in spells to aid activism and political spells/rituals.

Enodia – this epithet is interesting in that it can mean both The Way itself or the one who guides us on The Way. Hekate is both the way itself and the guide upon it.

Kleidoukhos – Keeper of the Keys. The key is my favorite tool of Hekate. She holds the keys to all things, all things hidden and revealed. The ability to lock things away and bind them. The ability to reveal. She is also called Pantos Kosmou Kleidokhos ‘Keeper of the Keys of the Cosmos’.

Phôtoplêx – ‘Who smites with light’, ‘Who strikes with light’ A fantastic epithet when asking Hekate for protection or aid in an attack/defense maneuver.

Phroune – ‘Toad’, ‘Frog’, ‘She-Toad’ Toads are another familiar spirit of mine and I love that Hekate has connections with them.

Pyrtania – ‘Invincible Queen of the Dead’, [Possibly related to ‘Council Chamber’] An epithet I use when seeking counsel of the dead or working with Ancestors and Hekate together.

Trioditis ‘Of the Three ways’, ‘Of the three roads’ When I do my Crossroad Guidance sessions I use this epithet in conjunction with Enodia, Strophaia ‘Standing as a porter at the door hinge’, and Rêksipylê ‘Door-breaker’, ‘Gate-breaker’/Rixipyle / Rexipyle ‘She Who Throws Down The Gates’.


The Many Epithets of Hekate by Mat Auryn

Using Hekate’s Many Epithets by Cyndi Brannen

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