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Holiday Blues and a Witchmas Preview


I love the holidays. I’m a weird sort of witch for that, I know. I love the food, decorated trees, the lights, snow, holiday movies, the food, egg nog, carols, the food, the crafts and presents, wassailing, the food… You get the idea.
I didn’t always love the holidays though. It has been a struggle in the past to feel anything but anxiety towards this time of year. There’s family drama, crazy shoppers and traffic, financial stress – things I’m sure you’ve also dealt with. Then, to add to that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which means that I get depressed due to lack of sunshine. To make things extra awful, in 2013, I had a miscarriage on Christmas Eve. Lets just say, the Holidays haven’t been my favorite time in the past.

Why do I love the holidays, despite the anxiety, depression, and bad memories? Well, first I had a kid. Many parents will tell you, holidays are made extra special (and hectic) when you have your own children. Watching my son experience the holidays has been magickal. Ever since he was just a couple months old and saw the tree all lit up…just, wow. (Yep, I’m crying a lil now). It was then that I felt determined to not only see the magick in the season but to also invest in it emotionally for myself and my family.

Part of that emotional holiday investment has been in celebrating old traditions and creating new ones that better suite our family. As witches, it can be hard to celebrate the holidays but not impossible. I wanted to honor that and other witches during this time of year with a 12 Days of Witchmas.

Witchmas12 Days of Witchmas Preview

In honor of other witches and of the magick of the winter holy days, I will be hosting a 12 Days of Witchmas on the blog and in my newsletter from December 12-23. During this time I will be sharing kitchen witch recipes, crafts, gift ideas, traditions old and new, carols, reading material, movie ideas, and a little bit about various deities and spirits who are honored during this time.

What I won’t be doing is focusing on any particular holy day – many witches celebrate Yule, others Winter Solstice, others Hanukkah, other Christmas, others Kwanzaa, and others none at all. Being a witch doesn’t mean you practice any one certain way and I want to honor as much of that variety as I can. That being said, most of the crafts and traditions will be focused on the darker, snowier, wintry vibes and bringing in the light.
I also will not be participating in the Christians stole Christmas from Pagans argument. Most of these are not constructive or instructive (at least, from what I’ve seen, most are rants) and I don’t see it as helping us progress or grow any more than we already have. If that is what you seek, there are hundreds of articles elsewhere that I know will do it better justice than myself.

My hope is that 12 Days of Witchmas will inspire witches to get into the spirit of the season AND to start conversations around building magickal traditions. I also would like to send out some love and hope to others during a time when not all of us are feeling festive.

Join me for #12DaysofWitchmas

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