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5 Magick Hacks Every Witch Should Try

Magick doesn’t have to be complicated and neither does magickal life! The following Magick Hacks are inspired by witches I’ve met online and the amazing witchy posts I’m slowly curating in my Magick Life Hacks Pinterest Board. The following is not a complete list. If you have any magick hacks you would like to share, please comment below! I would love to try them out!

Mudra Triggers

I learned about this magick hack from one of my favorite Pagan authors, Christopher Penczak, in his book Instant Magick. The idea is to get into a mindset of focus and feeling the way you will feel when your intended spell is cast (or getting into a mindset that is conducive for casting). Once you are there, set your trigger – a hand gesture that you can later do at will to induce this same mindset.

An example would be – a calm, focused mindset trigger that when performed will help you calm down in heated debate or upsetting situation. Another example might be a gesture that induces a trance-like state needed for divination.

This might look a bit like Tutting as seen in SyFy’s The Magicians. I say that when Life and Art mimick each other, something is going right. (That being said, don’t make your trigger overly complicated – you want your concentration on the feeling and intention, not on making sure your fingers are moving the right way – the magick is in what’s triggered, not the trigger itself).


Using quick, simple spells is something every witch should try. These might not be the way you witch but giving them a try might shake up something and you might learn something new about yourself and your craft.

Things like:

  • putting symbols or sigils of protection or cleansing on the bottoms of your home’s welcome mat.
  • bless or imbue your water with desired energy (healing, calm, beautifying, etc) before drinking it.
  • when you unlock your door, visualize unlocking opportunities, when you lock your door, visualize triggering a protective barrier.
  • when you’re making food, if you are stirring, do so clockwise to invoke your desire (health, nourishment, etc) or counterclockwise to exorcise what you want to get rid of (unwanted weight, toxic vibes in the home, etc).

Utilize Psychology

More and more witches are acknowledging the close relationship of psychology and spirituality. It’s not just Jung and Shadow Work (though, as you may know, I’m a fan) that can help our magick. Everyday psychology hacks can also aid our magickal work.

  • Calming breaths and triggers for people with anxiety can also help witches focus their magickal intentions.
  • Use psychological studies in body language to help with casting love spells.
  • Try methods of detachment and diffusing situations when casting spells to remove people, situations, or energies from your life.
  • Use stimming methods to help with inducing trances or channeling.
Magick Hacks
From c0venbitch.tumblr.com


I talk about Sigil work a lot in my books and programs but that is only because it works. Sigils can be made from affirmations, words of power (seen below), sacred symbols, runes, magickal names, chants, and more.

Not only are sigils nearly tool-free (all you need is a writing utensil and something to write on), but they can be created on the fly and added to just about anything or anyone, anywhere!

Want a spell to help with fertility but didn’t have time to set up sacred space or perform a ritual when your partner is ready to get it on? Use an edible like honey or chocolate syrup to draw a fertility symbol on each other’s bodies.

Words of Power

Many witches wish magick was as simple as saying a magic word like in the movies. Harry Potter needs only flourish his wand and shout a little Latin and sparks fly. Sadly, our reality doesn’t tend to work this way. That doesn’t mean we don’t need to incorporate magick words into our spell work and witchcraft. Words like Abracadabra have roots in real witchcraft.

Words of Power don’t need to be ancient nor do they need to be in another language. In fact, I highly recommend choosing words that you understand and are comfortable pronouncing. Studying another language and getting stuck on a pronunciation can ruin the trigger and mindset required for your magickal purpose.

Magick HacksCreate a Talisman

Astrological alignment at a bad time? Can’t get a Beltane off and you wanted to harness its fertility energy? Wish this feeling you’re experiencing could last forever (or, at least until you can harness it into a magickal working for further happiness)?

Create a simple talisman and charge it with the energies that you cannot use at that time. A great example of this was during the Super Blue Blood Moon at the end of January 2018. I was sick, my kid was sick, I just didn’t have it in me to harness that amazing energy no matter how rare the astrological occurrence. Instead, I created a talisman using crystals and sigils and a little Open the Gates anointing oil. I can later use this talisman to connect with that astrological energy and infuse my manifestation magick with it.


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