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Create a Magick Vision Board that Actually Works!

Use the following 5 methods to make your Magickal Vision Board really work for you as you enter 2018.

Your Magick Vision Board Enthroned

Put your board somewhere you will see it often. Give it a special place of honor where you can’t help but see it and be reminded of your goals and why you want to achieve them daily.

Take a photo of your vision board and use it as wallpaper on your phone or desktop. We look at our phones all the time. What better place to put a reminder of your desires and the steps to reach them.

I put mine on the wall right next to my bedroom door. This ensures that I see it every morning as I get up and head out to start my day. I also see it easily from my bed every night before I dream. I’ve also added a mini vision board to my bullet journal. This allows me to reflect on my goals as I plan my days, weeks, and months ahead as well as when I check off my to-do lists.

Put Yourself On Your Board

I can’t take credit for this idea. I got it from my spiritpreneur mentor, Abiola Abrams. She directs the ladies in her group to add a magickal selfie to their vision board. This not only helps you direct love towards yourself and your goals but it aids in seeing yourself living the life you’re wishing for in the coming year. You will literally see yourself among your goals.

Make sure the selfie is one in which you are happy. This will help you to not focus on baggage from difficulties in your past every time you see the image.

I couldn’t choose between three – all at very happy times in my life and all doing activities that are related to the goals I have for next year (being with family, pilgrimage to a magickal place, reaching a major business goal).
I asked Abiola and my sister spiritpreneurs for help choosing and they encouraged me to embrace the Triple Goddess and use all three!

Add magick that appeals to all your senses.

By making your vision board interactive and appealing to all of your senses, your focus, and the intensity of your magick is strengthened.

Ways I like to do this is adding essential oils for scent, textured papers and crystals for touch and to direct the eye. I try to focus on oils and crystals that are in alignment with my goals.

While it would be difficult to add the sense of taste to your vision board – unless you’ve gotten your hands on some of Wonka’s lickable wall paper – you could add an envelope or pocket to your vision board and put something tasty within. Take one when you take an action step towards your goal. Refill the pocket during your quarterly check-ins and review rituals.

Be Thankful, Be Trustful

Tune into the feeling of gratitude as if you have already manifested your desires. Add I am grateful or I am thankful to your affirmations and intention setting. Don’t stop the gratitude at things you’ve already accomplished and have but be grateful for your goals and desires as if you’ve already attained them. This will help draw them into the present moment, closer and closer to you.

Trust in the Universe that your goals are achieved. ‘This or something better’ is a phrase that you can add to your affirmations, spell work, and intention setting for the coming year. We are limited creatures who are slowly learning that we have unlimited power and abilities. We can have anything we want without the limits of time if we only believe it. This is where we must learn to trust in the Universe, in the Divine, and in our Own Power.

These two emotions, gratitude and trust, are the major building blocks between our conscious goal-setting, our subconscious creation, and the Divine spark where our magick awaits to be directed.

Add Magick

Remember you are a witch! Love to cast spells? Grab your tools and start casting. Do a spell that encompasses and charges your vision board. Light candles, being careful not to set the vision board on fire, smudge, call the quarters, ask your ancestors and guides for aid, etc. Burn a petition, use magickal ink, light incense, chant, drum! Whatever you need to do to bring that power forth and focus it on what it is you want most!

I prefer to use a blend of sigil magick and ritual work which I explain in my Manifest Your Magickal Year Workbook.

Lets Create Magick Together!

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