Magickal Manifesto

Magickal Manifesto



Magickal Manifesto

We are children of the Divine, no matter what name you have for the Creatrix of the known universe. We have been blessed with the seeds of magick. These seeds grant us the ability to influence, construct, and destruct the world around us and ourselves in it!

I’ve met witches that, through magick, ritual, prayer, Law of Attraction, and other methods, have created beautiful, inspiring lives for themselves.
Witches who have “prayed like Moses” and saved their families from poverty.
Witches who have healed themselves and others of crippling dis-ease with the tools of nature.
Witches who have revealed the true names of places and people and used these names to achieve transcendence.
Witches who have sat at the feet of gurus and great teachers and brought their ancient teachings into the modern age.

I’ve also met so many more people who have forgotten their Divine lineage. Forgotten that they hold the spark within them and, in forgetting their power, have surrendered it to others to hold over them.
Witches who marry men that force them to hide their beliefs, tools, and books, or worse give them up all-together or risk losing their children.
Witches who work for tyrrants of industry and adopt poverty beliefs that become chains on their mind, body, and spirit.
Witches who suffer under illnesses created by mankind only to further exacerbate their conditions with toxins and stress.

I have been in both of these sisterhoods. I’ve been the witch that drew in her husband with magickal journaling: the midwife of my own healing rebirth; and the manifesting mama of a rainbow child.
I have also been the blasphemer who cursed the Gods in the blood of my miscarriage, who clung to the cords of toxic relationships; who mired herself in limiting money beliefs.
This foot in each world is part of the human condition for many of us. What is important is that we are reminded of our power to change our lives for the better. Sometimes this reminder comes in the form of a book, a tarot reading, the words of a stranger, or the nudge of a kind friend, coach, or mentor. It can also come from a quiet voice within us.
The reminder came to me in the phrase: Stop Bitchin, Start Witchin!

A reminder isn’t all we need – more often it is merely a catalyst for change. We must follow it up with the work (Magickal Practice, Manifestation Techniques, Meditation, etc). There are times this practice can feel daunting, especially when results are slow coming. Thankfully, we are not alone in this work.
Not only are we Co-Creating with the Divine, we are also creating with each other. We are all effecting the world around us and the people in our lives. While this can feel daunting when thinking about the ills and violence of the world we must also remember that we are co-creating a world with people like the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, and our favorite book authors.
We are also blessed to be able to reach out to other Manifestors and seek help. Whether its through support groups, spirit advisors, creative therapists, life coaches or guides like myself. No man is an island and we can all use a little help figuring out how to get from point A to point B on our Magickal Journey.

I am manifesting (or Womanifesting, if you like) a world where witches are able to see the possibilities, unafraid to ask for help, who step into their power, and who co-create the reality where they want to live the life of their dreams – Together!


Stories of the Women that Inspired StartWitchin

Blue Plum Festival Tarot Reading for Witch Mom in Emotionally Abusive Relationship and worried about custody battle over daughters.

Red Head Warrior submitting to husband’s bigotry after saying “I do.” Forced to leave behind all the things she had fun with including SCA and her religion.

Well known witch who is recently open about the emotional abuse from her husband that has prevented her from doing the work she was called to do until she faced her shadow self, reached out for help, and stood in her power.

A family of witches who attempted to create an Occult shop in the bible belt but allowed petty rivalry rather than sisterhood with fellow witches destroy their dream and scatter them across the country.

A gifted reader who kept turning to men (failed marriages) and alcohol because she feared and doubted her ability to support herself in her dream career.

A young witch mom who feels stuck being dependent on her husband, family, and charitable friends because of being told her whole life she was too weird, fat, loud, etc to make anything of herself.

The psychic who was shunned from the magickal community because he was too dark and embraced the Trickster rather than the Earth Mother.

A heathen mom who would work on her business, dream, craft, religion, etc if only she had time away from her kids, had money, had the energy…

The tarot reader of color who was subjected to prejudice and ridicule when seeking to be part of their community of other readers.

The weird polyamorous witch who avoided her local community because they didn’t accept her lifestyle. The same with the trans witch, the gay witch, the differently abled witch, the dark witch, etc.

The witch at the local witch meetup at a cafe I worked at. The discussion turned to “what they just can’t stand” in the witchcraft community at large. One member said “otherkin” and the discussion turned into bashing of otherkin, vampyres, and their ilk. I silently served drinks and looked across the room at some visitors, one of which I knew identified as a lycanthrope. It was their last visit.
The reader of various new age and magick books that identifies as a psychic vampyre and sees the term energy vampire demonized on several pages regarding protective magick.

The witch told they cannot vend and are not welcome at a new age conference despite several other “lightworkers” and white “shamans” offering similar services already accepted. – This one is me.

The witch who was made to feel unwelcome at the only new age shop in town because of her dark aesthetic and was thus forced to choose to purchase goods online or drive over an hour away to obtain metaphysical supplies. – Also me.