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Magickal Mid Year Review

Can you believe this Magickal Year is almost half-way through? June is a magickal time when the solar energies peak after building strength since last December. Its the 6th month, a number of harmony, community, and relationships as well as down-to-earth wisdom. I love taking this month to reconnect with myself, my loved ones, and my goals. The last I do through a Magickal Mid Year Review using my Manifest Your Magickal Year Workbook.

My Mid Year Review is Magick

I begin my mid year review by looking at what I’ve accomplished so far this year. Oh the blessings that have unfolded for me have been many-fold. Everything from my money magick rocking my life and affording some bigger shifts to learning how to care for myself through creativity. That’s not even mentioning all the beautiful people I’ve connected with so far this year!

There have been things that didn’t work out for me. I hit magickal fatigue and business burn out in April. It sucked hard. Having recovered and renewed I am now laying the ground work for continuous self care so that it doesn’t happen again.

I’ve created some awesome magick this year with my writing and business and personal working. I’ve done readings and craft with people that I not only helped but also learned a lot from. It has been an amazing handful of months and only going to get better!

Shift Happens

Going forward I do have some work that I need to do to keep on track with some goals and change up my path with others. Some goals no longer suit my vibe and some goals weren’t reached yet because my methods didn’t work out. Its aaaaaaallll good though. Thats why the mid year review is so damn important! I can catch myself before I spend the rest of the year forcing something that isn’t working or that I no longer resonate with.

To make the changes I want, I’m doing a few things. Firstly, I’m thinking about what goals I want to achieve before the end of the year. What is feasible and what feels good. With that in mind I’m changing up my sigil work and vision board. The new pieces are more in alignment with how I’ve changed and progressed and have a better focus on what I want.

I’m also breaking down my goals for the remainder of 2018 into achievable steps. Once I have those, I’m adding due dates to them so that I feel some accountability and motivation to get this magickal shit done!

Join Me on My Mid Year Review

If you have already started your Manifesting Your Magickal Year journey with me, I want to invite you to also try out the process of a mid year review. Break out your work book and journal. See how far you’ve already come! Create some mid year magick and make the rest of 2018 just as amazing as you are, witches!

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