Magickal Year Workbook

Magickal Year Workbook Enter 2018 with power!

This is the year to make things happen! Don’t let another day go by without taking those enchanted steps towards your desires.

The StartWitchin Manifest Your Magickal Year Workbook is a guide towards setting your goals and the practical magick methods of achieving them. These methods include the use of astrology, numerology, tarot, law of attraction, sigils, and so much more.

Within this workbook is a step-by-step process for figuring out what universal, magickal energies you will be working with in the coming year.

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Workbook will not be available after Aug 1st. I will be taking it offline in order to prepare for the release of the updated edition via Amazon in October. If you would like to get the workbook PDF at this price, do so now!

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Is this just a witchy planner?

Nope. You will not find any planner pages here. This is a workbook that helps you use magick to manifest your desired goals in the coming year.

Do I need to start on January 1st, 2018 for the workbook to help me?

Not at all! While I highly encourage witches to start off the calendar new year with this workbook, you can start the exercises in this work book at any date. The methods here are evergreen and can be returned to no matter the year or date, making the work book a 1 time purchase!

Is this a physical workbook?

This purchase is for a digital pdf copy of the workbook that you can print out. Physical workbook availability is being considered but not currently available.

Is this workbook only for Wiccans or followers of a certain path?

No. Anyone who enjoys using magick in their daily life to achieve their goals will enjoy this workbook.

Do I need a background in tarot, astrology, numerology, or other magickal practice to use this workbook?

While having a background in any of these methods is helpful, it is not necessary. Each exercise in this workbook is available to start immediately whether you are a beginner or more advanced on your path. I explain how to use each method and incorporate it into your current practice.

Do I need any other special equipment than this work book?

To do the practices only a pen and notebook are needed along with this workbook, however, I highly recommend the following equipment list:

  • A tarot deck that resonates with you
  • An astrology app such as Time Nomad (a free app I love!)
  • Materials for a vision board such as a poster board, print off images or magazine clippings representing goals, markers, stickers, etc.
  • I also list recommended herbs, crystals, and essential oil recommendations in different sections of the book but none are mandatory.