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Merry Meet!

Merry meet

Merry Meet. I saw my 13 year old self. We sized each other up and she raised a brow at me with minimal amusement (I was much too cool back then to be surprised by anything, hah!). 13-yo-me went back to looking at herself in the school bathroom mirror and applied the black lipstick I used to have to hide from my parents. I don’t have to hide my make up now and I wear a nicer brand (not one from the Halloween costume section) but I’d like to think not much else has changed. 

We talked a little before 13-yo-me had to run off to class. She wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. No, I have a husband, the very kind I was writing about all those years ago in my diary. Glad for that, she didn’t ask if I had kids and I didn’t volunteer that I do in fact have a son (she will find out soon enough). “What do we do?” she asked. I thought back to that age, remembering how I dreamed of becoming a writer. I smirked and told her, “I’m a Witch.” She was pleased and we departed, both happy to have met. Merry meet. Merry part. Merry meet again.

I was inspired to create a meditation wherein I meet with the younger version of myself after listening to the song Letter Between a Little Boy by Abney Park. The idea of the song and the meditation is to think back to our values when things were perhaps a little simpler, to think about the person we wanted to become when we grow up. Did we become those people or did we allow the cynicism and pains of the world to change us. I’d like to think that, though I had no idea what the world would be like when I grew up, I am very much the person I wanted to become. I still embrace magick, I dress and style myself and my world in a way that inspires me, and I meet and befriend people that I delight in and adore.

Today, when I tell people I’m a Witch when they ask what I do, most are surprised. How can that be an occupation? Well, it isn’t, mostly. Its a lifestyle that happens to support me. For me, being a Witch means working magick to create a life I love. It brought my husband into my life, healed me after the loss of my first pregnancy, blessed me with a son, and is continuing to help me reach for the stars.

I created Start Witchin as part of that magickal life. I see witches every day that create lives they love with magick. Sadly, I also see witches who have forgotten their own power and suffer without knowledge of hope. Its time we all embrace magick.

Remember who you are my soul-sister. Step into your power and co-create the reality you want to live in. If you need help, reach out a hand and ask. Don’t be afraid. I am so happy that you are here and I hope that my words bless you in some way.

Merry meet
Merry part
Merry meet again