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8 Powerful Money Magick Resources

Witches are a Wealth of Information! When I have a question, I am usually excited to see what other witches and magickal practitioners in the world are saying about it. Prosperity magick being no different, when I wanted to know how to use my craft to bring myself abundance and wealth, I began my research. The following links, videos, courses, and books are some of my favorite money magick resources. I am super excited to share them with you!

While magick is not a get rich quick scheme or an over night, Staples button fix, it does empower witches to change their lives for the better. In a world where money is necessary to move about and make changes in the world, why not use our innate magickal abilities to achieve it?

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8 of my Favorite Money Magick Resources

My Mentor, Spiritpreneur and Womanifesting Diva Abiola Abrams, has some amazing resources. First is her FREE Unblock My Money eCourse (highly recommend). Second is her amazing, mind altering, kickstarting, view shifting Money Mindset Reset Summer Camp, which I am proud to have done as it contained information and lessons that I still return to regularly for life-spirit nourishment. My money magick would not be the same without this woman and her teachings!

Attracting Abundance with Crystals – a fantastic post by crystal guru Hibiscus Moon. See another abundance with crystals post here. If you are interested in crystals, you’ve probably already found Hibiscus Moon. If not, you will love her site and all the information she brings to the table. This is a fantastic resources for using the sparkly magickal tools we all love.

Money Magick ResourcesRich Witch program by Kickass Witch Joanna Devoe! I love this witch and everything she creates just makes me -squee-. If you’ve not yet experienced the joyful magicks of this Hippie Witch, I highly recommend checking her site out! “Great wealth is a super power. It’s the power to effect real change on a global scale.”

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra – while not necessarily witchcraft, Chopra’s work resonates well with those seeking a holistic journey towards healing their money problems and empowerment. This book is an amazing guide for more than money magick. I read this book a few years ago when I was at a crossroads on my spiritual path and its teachings on the laws of the universe rang true for me much as they have for so many who have read it. While this style of metaphysics and magick isn’t for everyone, I recommend giving a chance.

Rosemarie Groner of Busy Budgeter has a free 90 Day Budget Boot Camp as well as TONS of blog posts and newsletters filled with ideas of how to get your money in order. This might seem like the least sexy, least magickal thing in the world to add to this list but budgeting is a great way to empower yourself regarding your money.

Herbs and Plants to Attract Wealth by Brittany “Tru” Campbell is a great list of herbs you can use to bring forth your money magick. She included my 2 favorites – Mint and Patchouli! Love the Cosmic Grove site with all its feminine magick! If you are looking for a way to use these herbs and their essential oils for your magick, check out my Money Drawing Oil recipe video.

Money Magic by Frater U.D. – if you only grab one resource from this whole list, let it be this one. This book BLEW MY MIND! It changed not only my views on money magick but also tarot, magickal practice, sigil work, and more! I love Frater U.D.’s books – this one along with his book on sex magick are top recommendations to anyone ready to further their magickal journey beyond the witchcraft 101.

Money MagickBonus Money Magick Resource

My Money Magick Program starts February 15th. What better Valentines Day gift than to honor yourself and your magick with the gift of abundance and prosperity? In this program, I cover the spells, rituals, hacks, and more that I use to obtain the money I need for this life. This is the same money magick I’ve used to win a $500 scratch off ticket, to gain scholarships into programs, and get hired on for jobs within moments of manifesting. This is not a Get Rich Quick by Magick scheme, its an empowerment course to help you tap into your innate magickal abilities and ask for what you need and desire in life.

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