Money Magick

Money Magick Program Returning in 2019

I will be releasing the Money Magick Program for Witches who desire to use Witchcraft to take control of their Abundance to attain Financial Freedom and Relief from Fear and Stress around Money. This isn’t your average Prosperity magick full of green candle spells, nor is it some New Age fluff around letting the Universe provide for you. This is an in-depth journey to clearing the path for witches to make their way in the world, cash in hand.

Money Magick

Because I know we all are coming at this from different places in our lives and some of us need this information because we literally can’t afford to read another skimpy text on manifesting abundance that doesn’t work, I am offering Money Magick at various levels for various price points.

Money Magick eBook

$8 – that’s eight dollar bills for the entire money magick program in PDF form. Why so cheap? Because I’ve been where you are, over-drafting bank accounts to pay rent or buy food, living off instant noodles, and having my heat turned off in winter. That being said, I’m not giving Money Magick away for free because the exchange of money is part of the spell – 8 is the number of prosperity, flow, Mercury, wealth, provision. A little bit of cash tells the Higher Self/Universe/Divine you are willing to do the work to make shit happen. Its a powerful action step towards aligning yourself with money to flow your way.

The Money Magick Program

$44 Its all the info from the eBook laid out with videos, webinars, Q&A, and added stories and hand-holding. Its a friend at your side when shit gets real. Also includes bonuses like the Money Magick Tarot Journal!

Money Magick Gold

$125 This is the VIP program. Its all the hand-holding and info with the addition of 1-on-1 aid from me that includes guidance session and tarot readings around your prosperity. We can go deep and figure out how this program will best work for you and your unique situation.