Tarot Tuesday: New Moon Tarot Reading

New Moon Tarot Reading

Blessed New Moon in Virgo. I love doing in-depth new moon tarot reading and meditation to help me prepare for the new cycle and reconnect with my witchy self.

Rachel of Aeolian Heart expresses the energies of this New Moon so much better than I ever could:
This is the first New Moon since last month’s Solar Eclipse in Leo, so a renewed cycle of creative and emotional energy is beginning. Whereas last month’s eclipse was tinged with some of Leo’s uproarious melodrama, the character of this subsequent New Moon in Virgo will offer a much quieter refuge where order can once again begin to emerge from the chaos.
For more information on this new moon and how astrology can bless your life, check out Aeolian Heart.

New Moon Tarot Reading

New Moon Tarot Spread

With the energies of shadow work, endings (and new cycles), and decisions on what to do, using tarot as a guide is great way to make sense of this phase. I adapted the following spread from the one shared by jupiterflowers on the Pagans & Witches Amino community. For this spread I turned to The Steampunk Tarot: Gods of the Machine.

New Moon Tarot ReadingCards go from the top center then counter clockwise.

  1. Significator: this is you (or the person you are reading for) as they are right now. You can choose your personal card based on astrology or a court card that you associate with. I prefer to pull this at random with the other cards in the reading and see what the tarot says about my emotions and state of mind and spirit.
  2. What part of your Shadow is holding you back?
  3. what must you accept now?
  4. What do you need to release?
  5. Where do your obstacles originate?
  6. What needs to be nurtured and healed at this time?
  7. What knowledge can be obtained from your circumstances?
  8. What can you gain from this work?

The all around energy of my reading was related to the physical manifestation I am working on now (unsurprising given the earthy aspects of Virgo). The cards instructed me that this new moon I need to focus my attention releasing the need to control the end-game and focus more on the journey there. To do this I need to release my long term goals and the things I am doing spell craft for in order to allow them to come to fruition (a lesson that I wrote about in Spell Craft and need to learn again). If I can listen to this reading and actually do the work, the results will be all I ever hoped for.

What does your tarot spread say?

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