New Years Tarot Spread

New Years Tarot

A New Years Tarot Spread for Planning and Dreaming up Your Coming Year!

I do this new years tarot spread every year. It helps me see the energies I am working with in the year ahead. The goal isn’t necessarily to foretell specific events. Instead, I use the 13 cards to connect with my inner cycles of rest and work and play. If the cards suggest a time of rest, I will examine what I have planned for that month, what is going on astrologically and event-wise, and see if I need to plan around that for rest or simply relax into it and go with the flow.

The following is my spread for 2018 and journal notes. This is an example of how to use this reading style and for inspiration only. Feel free to combine your spread with tarot, oracle cards, lenormand, playing cards, runes, or any other style of divination.

New Years TarotDecember’s New Years Tarot Reading

While I tend to only plan so far ahead (about 3-4 months depending on what events are coming up), I like to look at the whole year in tarot and astrology to be aware of the forecast. Just as the weather changes, so can this forecast but I can be reasonably sure that the temperatures will get colder in winter and rain is prevalent in spring…you get the idea.
For the reading I used the Hermetic Tarot, which I received recently and am looking forward to bonding with.

My signifier for the reading is the Emperor. This is interesting as the Emperor (4) is the card associated with my birth number in numerology. I take its strength, sitting in authority with concern over those in his care, to be a sign of good fortune in the year ahead. Also a reminder of the responsibility, determination, maturity, and focus needed in 2018.

January: 4 of Cups – Lord of Blended Pleasures. This card recommends I step into a state of receiving. I need to prepare to let emotions flow. Also a reminder that what goes in is what comes out so I must be careful where I put my focus at the first of the year.

February: 6 of Pentacles – Lord of Material Success. When I saw this image I could smell the lush roses like a heady perfume. This is a card of giving and receiving in balance. There was a reminder that when prosperity blesses me to also give sacrifice and charity.

March: 5 of Wands – Lord of Strife. I was inspired by the symbols of Saturn and Leo in these cards. I remember in my astrology course, my instructor Rachel saying that Saturn dislikes being in Leo and that the energy is similar to that of a petulant child. I’ve noted in my journal to sit with Saturn’s lessons this month. Intuitively, the message I received was that there will be melancholy and depression under the facade of anger. Be careful of rash decisions.

April: The Hermit – Magus of the Voice of Light. I noted the strong Mercury energy here and remembered that there was a Mercury retrograde around this time. Checking, I saw that it is March 22-April 15 in the sign of Aries. Be careful of speaking, agreeing to things, or acting without thought. This is a good time to reflect, reevaluate, turn inward, and see what is working for me. Check my inner compass and don’t forget that I can see only so far ahead.

May: The Hanged Man – Spirit of the Mighty Waters. There is a strong Neptune energy in this particular card so I checked and Neptune will still be in Pisces in March while Uranus transitions to Taurus on Ma 15.
The message was to listen to intuition and dreams. Don’t stress over being in a short period of stasis as it will be needed to gain wisdom.

June: I pulled 2 cards for this one. The Fool – Spirit of Aether and Knight of Pentacles – Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land. When I saw these cards my mind immediately bright up a character from Anne Bishop’s Pillars of the World series. I also thought about the fertile masculine energy at this time.
This could be a good time to harness my fertility/prosperity to try something new. Honor and use the Sacred Masculine energy. Remember to make offerings.

July: 8 of Swords – Lord of Shortened Force
A warning against frustration and to be careful whose advice I listen to. Keep moving straight ahead and don’t get caught up in limiting beliefs at this time.

August: 3 of Wands – Lord of Established Strength
I got this! A reminder to be confident. Look back at the seeds planted in March.

September: Queen of Cups. “A Queen rules with hearth without letting emotion rule Her.” Seek intuitive guidance from a position of authority.

October: 8 of Cups – Lord of Abandoned Success. Be wary of Saturnian Ambition. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
A time for Shadow Work.

November: 6 of Wands – Lord of Victory. Share spoils of victory equally to ensure continued success. Check in with friends and loved ones – don’t let the fires of ambition and enthusiasm burn those close to you.

December: 8 of Pentacles – Lord of Prudence.
Store for slow times. Plant strong seeds for future need.

The Big Picture of the Overall New Years Spread

After taking note of each card, I look at the whole layout.

I actually laid all the cards down in reverse except for the signifier. I checked in with my gut instinct and read them all as if they were heads up, marking the number of reversals simply as a trick of the shuffle with a new deck. I did, however, make a note of this in my journal and I might come back to it later with further thought.

I also pulled three of the four 8 cards. 8 is a number of abundance, prosperity, and connected to Mercury. It is also the infinity symbol showing inter-connectivity and flow.

I had a balance of pentacles, wands, and cups but only 1 sword in the reading. This shows an imbalance of air element (depending on which elements you associate with the cards). However, the presence of Mercurial energy throughout the spread doesn’t make me overly worried. There is a lot of fire energy in the spread that I think will be alright so long as its carefully directed and I take time to check in with my watery intuition and emotions.

The only major arcana I had were Emperor, Hermit, Hanged Man, and the Fool. 3 wise men and the ambitious youth will be good advisers in 2018.

Masculine energy was prevalent in the cards but along with that were several messages regarding being in a state of receiving.

Want Insight from the Tarot on Your Year Ahead?

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December’s tarot readings are on point, easy to understand and full of heart.
~ Life Coach, Heather English