The Cauldron: Magickal Offerings

Cerridwen is known as the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge (Awen). She is mentioned in the Mabinogion, a collection of Welsh myths. In one story, Cerridwen brews up a magical potion in her cauldron of poetic inspiration in order to make her son Morfran/Afagddu wise and knowledgeable. Cerridwen’s potion was brewed for a year and a day in order to reach its full potency. The cauldron is a symbol of transformation (both physical and spiritual), enlightenment, wisdom, the womb, the Mother Goddess, and rebirth.

I call this section of my site the Cauldron because it is the place holder for the knowledge I’ve collected, drunk in with voracious thirst to learn, and transmuted into magickal action. I’ve recorded the workings and now share them with you.

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