Come Out of the Broom Closet



Coming Out of the Broom Closet

Witches are Powerful.
Yet, even we magickal beings have our weaknesses – usually in the form of our fears and limiting beliefs. So often, these fears keep us small and hidden in what is metaphorically referred to as the Broom Closet.

Staying in or coming our of the broom closet is one of the most discussed topics in the witchcraft community. It spans traditions, covens, belief systems, and resources both online and off. However, the majority of resources encourage witches to remain in hiding due to fear of discrimination. Very few of our community understand or admit to the dangers of staying in the broom closet and its harmful effects on spirit, emotions, and relationships.

In order to change our lives and world for the better, we must first own our power, trust our intuition, and use our magick. By incorporating manifestation, shadow work, and the basic tools of the craft, I can guide you through becoming an empowered witch strong enough to face your own fears and the prejudice of others. This book is a grimoire of empowerment, introducing witches to their inner strength. In-depth workings include:

  • Discovering the Power of the Witch Archetype
  • Motivation Meditation guaranteed to get you on the next step to coming out
  • Empowerment Mojo and Spells for Courage and Protection
  • Practical advice for coming out to different people in your life
  • Resources to Fight Discrimination

Coming Out of the Broom Closet is the first step on the path to magickal success in life. By finding the power to be who you truly are, you will also discover the working to create a whole world for yourself in which to achieve your utmost potential. This book is here as your help-mate to achieve personal, visionary power!

Do you want help coming out as a witch today? Set up a personal guidance session with me and I will help you through the obstacles in your way.