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Pastel Witches are Pretty and Powerful

Pastel Witches

Witchcraft is often associated with the darkness. While I love the color black and all the dark vibes, I also adore the softness and joy and all-around cuteness of pastels. More and more, I’m seeing art and settings that show off pastels in a magickal light and I wanted to take some time to discuss this aesthetic on the blog. Pastel Witches are definitely here and their pretty power is potent!

The Power of Aesthetics

Aesthetics are important when it comes to how we see ourselves and reveal ourselves in the world. While it is true that just looking the part isn’t the only thing important about living a magickal, happy life, it is important when it comes to our own self-expression. Most witches will agree that what we surround ourselves with regularly effects our vibrations and emotions. When we live and dress and decorate in a way we resonate with, we are happier and more in touch with our power.

Your personal aesthetic is a great tool to use to tap into your personal power. Click To Tweet

Imagine if you had to wear a costume every day, from 8-5. Let say its a clown costume and you hate clowns or even have a phobia about them. Imagine how horrible your life would be and how bad you would feel every.single.day.
Now imagine your dream outfit. The outfit you would wear if you had all the money you wanted to spend and it fit you perfectly. Imagine getting to wear this dream outfit whenever you want for as long as you like.
Your personal aesthetic is a great tool to use to tap into your personal power.
Do you see the difference in those feelings? In how what you wear can make you feel?

Pastel WitchPastel Witches

Why am I bringing up pastels and not, say, Goth Witches? Well, goth witches are a common aesthetic that is depicted in media. See a fav movie witch of mine, Nancy, from The Craft. The witch in all black is seen in media again and again, for good reason. Darkness and the archetypal Witch look of black dress and black hat are cultural images that I believer we should embrace and honor. That being said, there is a newer, more modern look for some witches that embraces a whole other side of the archetype.

We are no seeing a rise in Pastels. Pastel hair, Pastel Goths, etc. More art depicting witches on Instagram and other social media is done with a pastel color pallet. Pastels are hot, even or especially among those who have more alternative lifestyles and paths – Witches.

I am a lover of Lolita, Fairy Key, and Kawaii looks. The blend of the whimsical child archetype with that of the rebellious, dark, and magickal form of the Witch with looks like Pastel Goth is something that appeals to my personal aesthetic. While pastels are indeed lighter colors, they tend to be just as out of the norm with societal trends. We don’t often see adults rocking out full baby blue and tickle-me-pink outfits or hair or make up any more than we see them in full black from head to toe. The rebellion, the alternative vibes, and the individuality is still there. They are set apart in the same way that other witches that wear their magickal vibes on their sleeves are also, visually and energetically, set apart.

My invitation to you is – whether you’re Pagan, Witch, Magical Girl, Moon Child, or Seeker – consider alternative looks for our archetypal images. Consider your own aesthetic and what that says about your power. Embrace your individuality and the unique style of others.