5 Things to do Before NaNoWriMo 2017

National Novel Writing Month is only 13 days away! Preptober is in full swing for many of us! I thought I would share some things I do to prepare myself for a month long writing marathon.

Caffeine and Rewards

Ahem…how stocked is your kitchen? Anyone handing out house elves…I could use one…just to bring me drinks or put away laundry.

You are gonna need motivation for NaNoWriMo! For me that means iced dirty chai or regular drip coffee with a shot of salted caramel syrup to get going. For a reward it usually means eggnog coffee and discount Halloween candy. You will of course choose whatever gets you motivated. I’ve seen participants buy new video games and set them up to see while they are writing because they can only play after hitting a goal (I did this with Skyrim my first year, it works). I’ve also seen participants do charitable goals where a certain number of words a day = a donation to their favorite charity (You can also work this up as if you don’t reach your goal you have to donate to a charity you don’t support…cruel but motivating).

# Preptober

NaNoWriMo is not just about writing, its also about community. Make sure you take time to find some fellow participants to buddy up with. Go to a local write-in, find a chat or group or Amino, whatever you do – Don’t Go Alone! Having buddies and community makes this challenge fun rather than a month of hellish writing stress.

Check out ALL the writing Hashtags and social media groups. I’m a particular fan of #nanowrimo #preptober #nanoprep #amwriting and #nanowitch (that last one isn’t so popular…join me?).

Have you binged Katytastic’s NaNoWriMo Youtube Videos yet? What are you waiting for?! She is by far my fav writing vlogger for Preptober and gets me soooo pumped for noveling.

Create a NaNoWriMo Novel Soundtrack

Playlists and soundtracks help in 2 ways – 1) you can use them to help you focus and drown out distractions with noise and 2) some songs can motivate you to write or get you into your story’s vibe.

My novel soundtrack gives me the 90’s witch, mystery writing, angst and romance vibe I need when getting into the head of my main character Juniper.

NaNoWriMo Witchs GuideA Magickal Aid for NaNoWriMo

Grab my FREE ebook Witch’s Guide to NaNoWrimo complete with spells, rituals, and tarot spreads for witch writers. This will only be available until the end of National Novel Writing Month (November 30th, 2017) so snatch it up today!