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7 Questions to Ask Before Spell Casting

Questions Before Spell Casting

The following questions to ask before spell casting are the same one’s many witches, myself included, have used for years to go into their magickal work with a clear head and focus. This not only makes for potent magick but also opens the mind to spot when the spell has worked. Its best to write the questions and answers in your journal or Book of Shadows and refer back to your entries regularly with notes on outcomes, thoughts, and ways you can do better each time.

Questions Before Spell Casting

What Do I Want?

If you don’t know what you want, if you don’t have a purpose to focus the spell on, then all you are doing is playing out a dramatic scene. More on this in my video on the #1 Reason Why Your Spells Aren’t Working.
To cast truly potent spells, you need to get really clear on what you want and why you want it. Don’t be afraid of your reasons and don’t hold back from stating what you want. This is the most powerful act of magick – stating what it is you truly desire and entering the first step of making it yours.

What is Holding Me Back from Getting What I Want?

There is a reason you don’t have what you want yet. Examine what those reasons are. They could be external but, more often than not, they are things we do ourselves. This could be your shadow at work, sabotaging areas of your life because of programmed beliefs about what you deserve to have. Don’t worry over much during this stage on how to handle these obstacles. Focus on listing what they are and where they are coming from.

What is the Best Way to Obtain What I Want?

Here is where we get into the nitty gritty, down and dirt part of magick. What is the best way to approach getting what you want. Look at your desire and what is holding you back from it. Look at your personal interests and skills (do you prefer candle magick? Sigil work? Do elaborate rituals with deities or angels get you off? Perhaps sex magick is your thing?).

Choose a course of action. I like to go at my goals in 2 ways. Manifesting magick to draw in what I want and Banishing and Shadow Work to break down obstacles that are in my way. Sometimes these two methods can be done at the same time while other times (depending on the goal and the obstacle) I have to do them separately.

Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me With This?

Do you work with specific spirits, angels, guides, or deities? Are you part of a coven or group? Do you have witch besties that would be willing to lend a hand? Do you work best alone? All important things to consider.

Choose wisely who you bring into your magickal work. Do not bring people that will cast doubt or work against your spells with their own disbelief or ill-thinking. The same with how you work with deities. Don’t work with them only to treat them like a celestial ATM. Be sure that you honor whatever deities or spirits you seek aid from and build a relationship with them before and after your spell casting.

What Tools and Correspondences Do I Want to Work With?

Picking tools and corresponding herbs, crystals, oils, candles, music, etc is often the fun part of casting a spell. This is where we get to bring in the symbols and drama to connect with our subconscious and higher self. All these tools bring us in resonating alignment with our goal.

Here you aren’t just choosing what associates with your goal and deities (if working with them) but also what resonates with yourself. Be sure to pick items that you personally associate with your spell, not just what a book tells you. For example, if a book tells you to use white for marriage and union but your culture or personal belief system uses red, then use red. By choosing correspondences that you feel comfortable with and have access to, you will be more closely tied in with your magick (thus, more likely for it to work).

How Can I Best Release and Detach from This Working?

Make sure you have a closing plan for your spell. How do you intend to dispose of any parts of your spell that needs it? Are there ashes, candle wax, poppets, or paper that need buried, put in flowing water, burned, or thrown away? If you have an offering to spirits or deity, how will you dispose of it?

Spells work best if we don’t worry over them after. Do you intend to share this working with others after doing it? Perhaps you should rethink and hold to the Witch’s Pyramid instruction to be silent. Find ways to remove worry and doubt from your mind after a spell is done, whether with an affirmation or mantra or other aid.

Planning all of this before casting a spell helps to keep in the flow of your working and not create barriers between you and your goal after stepping into alignment with it.

What Else Can I Do To Make This Happen?

After doing a spell, is there any steps you can take to bring you closer to your goal?

Example: If you are doing a spell to get a job, make sure you do the mundane work as well. Get your resume together (include it in your spell). Go job hunting. Take a course if you need it for your dream job.

Be prepared to step up to the plate when opportunity knocks. If you are looking for a job and your mom says she just met someone in the field you want to work in, jump on that connection! By ignoring these synchronistic moments, you aren’t staying on the path your spell has opened for you.

Ready to Cast a Spell that Works?

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