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My Chill Saturn Return

Saturn Return

I recently got an astrology reading that was both insightful and provided me peace of mind. This is the result most readers of any type try and achieve for their clients. This particular reading was regarding my upcoming Saturn Return.

Saturn Return – A General Review

Saturn ReturnFor those of you wondering, a Saturn Return is when the planet saturn circles back to the position it was in when you were born. Since it takes nearly 3 decades to make this journey, it’s return is often one of the strongest effects as far as people noticing. These hit when we’re 30 and 60 – two major times in our lives when we hit those weird “mid-life crisis” emotions. The first one is when we realize we are no longer children and our “adult” life begins. This time is often filled with relationship changes, business changes, lifestyle changes, and general upheaval.

When I found out my first Saturn Return was eminent I wanted to figure out what the best plan of action would be to ride these 2 years out with the best of my abilities. The first thing I needed to do is find out what my Saturn Return looked like for me astrologically. While I can look at my natal chart and figure out my horoscope with relative ease, I am by no means an astro-genius. Just like with anything, if you can’t figure it out, find an expert.

I found Holly Ricciardi on Simbi, a barter site I adore. I asked her for a reading on my Saturn Return and she gave me that and so much more.

My Astrology Reading

First off, here is a quick rundown of your major planets/aspects in your natal chart.

Sun= Sagittarius- explorer, adventurer, seeker of Truth

Ascendant= Gemini- quick thinker, seeming like you have multiple personalities or multiple parts of your personality

Moon= Taurus (conj. Jupiter) emotions are grounded, set in ways, sensual, stubborn. Strong emotional center connected to past life karma

Saturn= Capricorn/8th House- practical, strong foundation, disciplined, also death, rebirth, transformation, secret work/hidden work

Stellium= in Capricorn/8th House where Saturn return is taking place, so the Saturn return will affect most aspects of life. A stellium is a big group of planets/ for you it’s Saturn (obstacles, discipline, slowing down), Mercury (mind/communication), Neptune (intuition/dreams), and Uranus (revolution/breakthroughs). Grounded, organized, disciplined, practical. But also secretive, intense, dark. Thinking is also tied to intuition for you. Sun (self) is next to Uranus (revolution) so you are a person who is unconventional. Outside the box in many ways. Possible flamboyant personality/fashion sense or just “out of the ordinary” in some way.

This was the first time anyone fully explained this stellium to be despite having other astrologers work on my chart before. I was impressed and highly appreciated the insight. 

Now here’s my read on your Saturn return.

Overall, it looks like you’re actually going to have a really chill Saturn return, like the chilliest I’ve ever seen. Which is interesting because your natal chart is actually quite challenging. You have most of the planets all together in one group and they make up the sole 3 aspects you have (most charts have way more). 2 of those 3 are challenging aspects and they affect 7 planets out of the total 10. You have one harmonious aspect but it’s even one that you have to more consciously access rather than a support that is just always there.

Holly explained these aspects but I’ll share the one that I thought was the most fun:

Now the harmonious aspect. That one is between your Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn and Pluto (evolution) in Scorpio (death/rebirth, power, sorcery). Pluto rules Scorpio so that is a very powerful placement. Your biggest source of help will come from using your intuition and working some magic of some kind. You most likely have natural abilities. So if you access that it will help you.

My Chill Saturn Return Laid Out

Saturn returns are usually times where you feel restricted in some ways and things rearrange in your life and it can be uncomfortable- you go through trials to grow and change. But in your case this looks like a possible end to your earlier life’s difficulties. Like there are no difficult/challenging aspects at all in the beginning. Like none. It seems like in your life things will smooth out and get easier in general for you.

– In the beginning, you will feel very emotional but in a really positive way. Strong feelings but good feelings. Possible resurfacing of emotions/relationships that were hidden/in the past. Sense of self/confidence is strong which supports your relationships. Really good looking stuff. Advice for this time is to use a combination of your brains and your intuition to understand and aid in your work, whatever that may be.

– You’ll have a little bit of tension in the middle. Some challenging with your work structure. You wanting less limitations. Some difficulties with a tug or war between your independence and interpersonal relationships, but that won’t last long.

– And you’ll have some tension at the end. Looks like a few months before the end of your Saturn return you’ll have some karmic/past life stuff that is going to come up to be purged and you’ll transform into the new version of yourself. Something related to your emotions. It may be really emotional, like really a lot of feels. It will be like a big bubble of emotional stuff that will come up and then be let go of. It may be a difficult end push but you will feel better once Saturn moves to the next sign a few months later. And at the same time, you will still have a lot of support to overcome whatever you encounter. And whatever you do for work/career will help you get through what is resurfacing.

– At the end some past relationship comes into focus, even if it’s not out in the open. And by past it could even mean a past life relationship. It honestly looks like a celebration. Very positive. Lots of support. Good feelings, strong feelings. Happy mind, happy body. Some friction that looks like it’s from growing pains- becoming your new self. Mind and heart working together really well, forcing you to act on your feelings. To go forward with relationships. Connecting with community.

So I guess there isn’t much left to say except to trust yourself! Go with your gut but use your mind to discern what your intuition is telling you. Find your power, follow your dreams in regards to your work and your relationships. You should do fine! Good luck on your journey!

How to Find Holly, the Astrologist

Check our Holly Ricciardi on Simbi or her Facebook page – The Crow Magnum. I highly recommend her not only for her skilled reading but also her candor, friendliness, and prompt return on request. I’ve had a few readings in my life but this was by far the best astrology reading I’ve ever had.

What Do I Do Now?

Well, my Saturn Return isn’t for a few more months (it starts in January). Until then I will keep on witchin in biz and life. This reading gave me some great peace of mind as I was worried that such an upheaval caused by this big astrological return would cause the business I am now building up and strengthening to dissolve. Instead, it looks like Saturn and Pluto got my witchy back and are encouraging me to be the sorceress I dream of being, which involves helping other magickal ladies do the same. All good stuff.

I do intend to honor my Saturn Return. You will probably see more on the topic as I enter this stage in my life at the beginning of next year. My yearly purge and plan and manifesting rituals that happen from October through January will definately have some Saturn mojo thrown in. I look forward to exploring this road and sharing it with you.

Until then, Blessed Be.