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Articles, Guest Blogs, and Reviews all include:

  • A heart-felt and signature writing!
  • Social Media Shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!
  • Shares with my Witchy Tribe in my Newsletter!

Need a Freelance Witch?

I would love to write an article or guest blog for you!

In the past I have written for, Cooking Detective, EcoCentric Mom, Primordial Willow, Walking the Worlds, WitchVox, Moon Books, Asphodel Press, and Huffington Post! Can I add your website or blog to this list?

Subjects I LOVE to Write About:

  • Living Life as a Modern Witch
  • Northern Tradition Paganism and Heathenry
  • Appalachian Folk Magick
  • Spell Work and Pagan Rituals
  • Shadow Work and related Psycho-Spiritual topics
  • Pagan Parenting
  • Journaling

Want Your Product or Service Reviewed?

Do you have a product related to witchcraft, Paganism, psycho-spirituality, alternative parenting/family life, journaling, or similar? Want a review to boost sales and drive traffic?
I will write 1000 words on your product/service and my experience with it. I will also include 1-3 photos.
I do not purchase or pay for shipping for review requests. I will not return products shipped to me.
I do not guarantee a rave review. I will be fair in my testing and response. You will receive the review before published to the public so, if the review is unfavorable, you can request that it not be published and take my words to help make your business better.

Example of my reviews:
An Enchanted Life book review.

You can read more of my work in the following sites and publications:

Walking the Worlds Winter 2016 edition
Pagan Veiling as a Mom for Primordial Willow
WitchVox Pagan Parenting 
Every Day Magic: A Pagan Book of Days from Moon Books

Contact me with any inquiries or requests via december(at)

tarot readingsNeed a tarot reader for your event?

I have done tarot reading for events since debuting at the 2009 Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City, TN. Since then I have read at Renaissance fairs, charity balls, conventions, Halloween parties, and more.
For private, 1-on-1 readings, see my Tarot Readings page.