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I have spent the last couple of weeks (since the lunar eclipse and continuing to the solar eclipse) focused on shadow work. During this time I’ve experienced a number of synchronicities including emails regarding the topic of shadow work, chat and forum questions, random tweets and blog posts, and people I’ve not talked to in ages messaging me on the topic. This has proven to me the truth I’ve known for a while: When you open yourself up to a message from the Universe, it will come flooding in with responses. I am so grateful and want to reflect that gratitude by curating my favorite shadow work resources thus far.

Four of Queens Kelly-Ann Maddox

Kelly-Ann is my favorite modern resource for shadow work. She has an eloquent yet badass style that I adore. Her resources are diverse and many, including videos, pdfs, and blog posts. When I read her writing on the topic, shadow work turns into a scene that involves having a cup of tea with a villain you can’t help but like.

Kelly-Ann’s 25 Heavy-Duty Shadow Work Journal Prompts is a must-have for anyone wanting to delve into shadow work. She offers a pdf workbook for free to download and print off. You can also, like me, write down the prompts on paper (I use card stock or index cards) and put them in a cup or bowl to draw at random. The second exercise keeps me from skipping over prompts that I don’t feel particularly comfortable with (a sure sign I need to do them).

Kick-Ass Witch Joanna Devoe

Don’t let the hippy vibe and bright colors fool ya, this witch definitely is in touch with her shadow side. Joanna has a number of videos on shadow work on her YouTube channel and covered the topic in one of her Psychospiritual Wheel of the Year programs. That module is no longer available but her videos on it can still be viewed.

Dream Intuition Charlotte Elea

One of the amazing exercises I was able to do during this phase of shadow work was made possible thanks to Charlotte. Her Sacred Intention Challenge was one of the most intense working’s I’ve ever done with a guide. Her guided meditations were soft and allowed for my subconscious, Higher Self, and guide to take me in deep to face and learn all I needed each time.

Tarot for Shadow Work

Biddy Tarot’s Brigit has a lovely article on Tarot for Shadow work in which she references the Shadow Work Workbook from benebell wen. I love this workbook because it sure as hell ain’t easy to get through. The workbook forces you to answer questions like how you have failed your parent’s expectations of you, remembering the first time your heart was broken, and more. Like Brigit says in her article, “I won’t sugarcoat this: It’s not a pleasant process.”

I shared a super simple if not emotionally easy process for using tarot in shadow work on my Facebook page:


One of my all time favorite online resources for anything truly witchy and helpful is WITCH ezine created by bad witch Carolyn Elliott. There are so many amazing articles, poems, and letters on this site regarding shadow work. I considered linking them all in a bullet point list but figured it was be easier on you and me if I simply linked to their site’s search results for “shadow work.”

Give Me More!

If you have an article, workbook, blog post, video, or other resource on shadow integration or spells/tarot/etc dealing with the shadow self, please comment below or message me (december(at)startwitchin.com) your link to add to this list.