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Spell Casting Goals for 2018

There’s a lot of talk in January about goals for the year ahead. We discuss weight loss goals, business and financial goals, relationship goals, minimalism, travel, and parenting goals. We might toss in educational goals or goals regarding our religious path such as studying a new divination technique, taking a pilgrimage, or working more with a certain Deity or our ancestors. One thing I don’t see much of, however, is witches resolving to work on their spell casting goals and magick practice in 2018.

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Why Witches Should Set Spell Casting Goals

Magick and Spell Casting is a Skill. As a skill, it gets better, more accurate, and yields greater rewards the more we practice. By flexing those metaphysical muscles we can become better witches and achieve greater and greater goals in our lives. I talk a lot about spells working and the benefits of them in my [free] ebook, Spell Check. Casting Spells that Actually Work is why I am where I am today – happy, married to my soul mate, mother to a healthy toddler, owning my own business, and traveling.

There is, of course, the question of why set goals for anything, including spell casting? Another question is how to set goals for them to work better than any other resolution we’ve had, tried, and failed at in the past?

Setting goals, especially writing them down and prioritizing them, provides direction in your life. When we find ourselves questioning what we are doing, the whys of our actions, or seeking purpose, we can reflect on our goals and desires and often find answers there. This also helps with making decisions, for those of us who tend to be indecisive about events, actions, scheduling, and to-do lists. We also get a sense of personal satisfaction from achieving said goals – this same feeling we get when we reach the next level or unlock something in a game only better with more benefits (think real-world loot drops).

Now, all those Benefits of Goal Setting hand in hand with Magick and Witchcraft is a Potent Potion.

My Spell Casting Goals for 2018

The following 4 goals are what I want to work on for 2018 in regards to my spell work. You will see the use of the word Experimenting in these goals. Members of my newsletter tribe and those who purchased my workbook will know I’m all about some experimentation. I find I learn and embrace magick easier when I get down and dirty with it rather than just reading about it. I highly encourage this attitude with others.

  • Cast Spells According to Astrological Forecasting (Including studying the connections of Tarot and Astrology)
  • Experiment with movement and spells such as ecstatic dance, labyrinth walking, etc.
  • Work on my spells and record keeping (Update my larger Book of Shadows)
  • Experiment with cyber-magick and spell casting.

What Spell Casting Goals Are You Setting for This Year?

Comment below and let me know!

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