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My Top 3 Spell Casting Tools

Spell Casting Tools

My Top 3 Favorite and Most Used/Useful Spell Casting Tools! The following tools can be used together or with other tools to cast spells. That being said, one of my favorite things about these tools is that each can be used entirely on their own to create magick. As I expressed in my blog post about Complicated Spell casting, when I can, I usually keep things pretty simple.


Also called a Book of Shadows, a Grimoire, the Witch’s Notebook, Magickal Diary, etc. I suppose you could argue that this is actually the use of two spell casting tools – pen and paper.

Journaling can help you get focused on what you want, clear up any internal or external blocks you might have keeping you from your goals, plan out spells, cast spells, and record the results of said spell casting.

I keep a couple of journals – a tarot journal, a Book of Shadows that is more formal and mostly contains those spells that have had good effect (or disasterous but notable effect), and a daily bullet journal:


Tarot has been one of my top spell casting tools for many years. I’ve been reading tarot since I was a teenager and professionally since 2009. Pulling a card or several for spell work not only reveals how the spell might turn out but also obstacles in my way and allies I can turn to. Tarot readings also help me ground, center and focus. They are a fantastic, tactile trigger for me to enter into a magickal mindset. The images remind me that magick is part of our lives if we choose to tap into it – each picture showing magickal activity among every day people, spirits, Gods, and elements as well as our own shadows and Archetypes within.

Before getting elbows deep into a spell, I like to pull some tarot cards and see if there are any messages on how to make this easier. I will look to divination to figure out if I am working against any energies rather than with them, if there is a lesson to be learned by not-having my desired goal, and if there is an easier route or someone/something that can help me to obtain what I want.

Example: If I want to do a spell to help heal a friend, I will pull the cards. If cards like The Devil or 8 of Swords arise – I will see that my doing a spell on her illness will not be as effective as if I were to help her release herself from her “bonds” of disease (both of these cards represent someone putting themselves in bondage rather than an outside force and only the can truly set themselves free).

Tarot is not the only method you can turn to, of course. If you are more skilled with runes, throwing bones, scrying, or other divinatory method, use that. If you do not feel comfortable with these skills, seek out someone who is. There are many witches online and off that wield these skills like well-honed blades and can help you on your course (myself included).

Road Opener Oil

Also called Open the Gates oil. The point of this oil is, as the name suggests, to open up the path between you and your intention such as a job, connecting with the spirit world, or a journey to visit family. I use it to clear out obstacle and make the path before me clear and focused.

The blend I use is from Aromagregory’s in Nashville, TN. You can order from their online store here.

I use this oil to anoint EVERYTHING! I use it on tools, candles, myself – pretty much anything that can handle being anointed (I’d anoint my tarot cards if they wouldn’t be ruined by the application). In fact, the only other oil I use half as much as this blend is Money Drawing oil (recipe in my Money Magick ebook).

Spell Check

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