How To Make Your Spells Work

Are your spells working?

Do you pour heart and soul and magick into a spell only to be disappointed? Does nothing happen after your rituals? When you cast a spell does the outcome go all wrong? Do you get what you want but in ways and situations that are more painful than where you were before?

Spell Check: StartWitchin Guide to Why Your Spells Fail and How to Make Them Work is the no-fluff, no-bs method for witches to create spells that achieve results. Spell Check will point out the problems with your spell and give you the step by step instructions to fix the mindset, find the right tools, and overcome the blockages that you’re having issues with.

December created Spell Check with the same purpose as her site and business, StartWitchin. She saw so many powerful witches stuck in situations with little hope of change despite their ability to cast spells and practice magick. As a witch that has used her beliefs and practices to connect with her soulmate, heal herself physically and spiritually, conceive a rainbow child, and create the business of her dreams, she was surprised to see so many of her sisters struggling. When she asked these witches why they didn’t use witchcraft to change their circumstances, it shocked her to find that they hadn’t thought about using witchcraft to help themselves out or were at a loss on how to even begin.

After breaking down the issues her fellow witches were having, December was able to narrow in on some major areas of struggle. The main area was witches not having success with the spells that they did end up casting. December talked to these witches, connected with others on various platforms and hubs, and discovered the main obstacles between them and achieving magickal success. She put these discoveries and how to overcome them in Spell Check.

Spell Check is laid out with actions to take before casting a spell, during the actual spell work, and activities to do after casting a spell to ensure its success. December has been complimented for this practical lay out. Her focus on step by step, practical witchcraft is often complemented by witches in her tribe.

“I enjoyed how thorough and well thought-out Spell Check was. Thank you.” Says Rina.

“I very much enjoy what I’ve seen of Start Witching so far,” says Pam who goes on to compliment StartWitchin site and newsletter. “There are a lot of practical tips, good information, and it’s all written in an accessible manner.”

Lindsey P. also expressed gratitude for the ebook and says “it does make a lot of sense!”

The #1 Reason Your Spells are Not Working!

Spell Check Coming to Amazon Summer Solstice 2018