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Spell Check Q&A: How do I Know if My Spell Worked?

Spell Worked

Spell Worked

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How do I know if my spell worked?

I have to admit, when I first heard this question I wasn’t sure what to make of it. What do you mean you don’t know if your spell worked? You either get what you’re working for or you dont, right? Wrong.

Part 1: Ask for What You Want, Expect Results

It wasn’t until after I started reading Frater U.D.’s Money Magic text that I began to understand the difference between practical magick and the New Age spiritualism that has colored witchcraft. Not saying that either paths or methods are superior, as I feel there is a place for both. The situation created by their blending has created a witch culture in which witches are casting spells without specifics or boundaries. They are afraid to ask for what they want because of some fatalist belief that the Universe already has a better plan for them. So they light their candles, ask for the best, and walk away without any idea as to what that will look like when it comes.

Witchcraft or practical magick is effecting change on the world around you for a purpose – a practical, tangible purpose. To do that, you have to actually ask for what you want. You can’t be timid or blow off your future happiness because you are afraid.

Now, there is a train of thought that we, in our limited thinking, might not be able grasp the amazing things we are capable of receiving. When this happens, we fear asking for what we currently want because it might not be what is best for us or there could be something better. What I have to say to that is: you cannot be in a position to accept and embrace or know what is best until you first get into the habit of asking. Yes, you will have to take responsibility for what you receive when you ask for something, even when it turns out to not be what you wanted. However, if you stay in a place of fear, you will not be able to move forward to receive anything at all, much less your dreams.

Part 2: By Believing One Sees…Results

Credendo Vides (By Believing One Sees) is my motto. I love it so much I’m considering making a new house crest with it. I’m seriously getting it on my tombstone, kind of motto. Why do I love it so much? It is a strong truth that I’ve experienced in my life, in both joyful and painful ways.

If you do not believe in magick, in yourself, in your ability to achieve your goal – you will not see results. Just facts. You will miss those small miracles, those moments when opportunity knocks, and those glimmering signs pointing you in the right direction.

One of my mentors, Rachel of Aeolian Heart, explains that magick operates on the Principle of Synchronicity. The idea is that our magick changes the world around us that allows for the conditions we need to achieve our goal. Its not a matter of waving a wand and your desire drops in your lap. Instead, its like lighting lamps and clearing a path for you to walk down and reach your destination. However, if you don’t believe this will happen you will miss the sign post. Belief opens your eyes to the signs, omens, miracles, coincidences, and magick that takes place.

Part 3: Challenge

So how do you know your spell is working? Don’t be afraid to ask for a specific outcome. Do you want love? Ask for a lover. Do you want better living conditions? Ask for a house. Then believe that what you asked for can be achieved and look for the signs.

My challenge to you, as you read my free ebook, Spell Check, is to be the brave, badass witch I know you can be. Do that and dare to ask for what it is you want. Give it a try, experiment with being specific. Journal your results.