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Welcome to Start Witchin!

I am honored that you stopped by and have made the choice to start on your magickal journey!

If you are here, it means you’re ready to Stop Bitchin’, and Start Witchin! That is, stop waiting for the life of your dreams to happen, stop pretending you are powerless, and stop complaining without acting! That is, start stepping out of your comfort zone, start embracing the powerful Witch within you, and start making your dreams come true with magick and True Will!

I am December Fields-Bryant and after the worst year of my life (involving moving from place to place, losing a job, and ending in a miscarriage) I was ready to figure out how to use all the magick and witchcraft i’d been studying for over a decade to get what I wanted in this world. I moved on from simply studying and into experimenting and wielding magick like a knife that would carve my life into the form I desired.

In 2017, I began to see that I was clearly not the only person who had issues with miserable lives and, despite being a witch, wasn’t doing much about it. I didn’t want to see my fellow witches hitting the dark night of the soul without a spark of magickal hope. I wanted others to learn from my journey so that, maybe, theirs wouldn’t be so painful. I wanted to share the knowledge I wish had been available to me at that time. I wanted to create magick in the world that I hadn’t found anyone else sharing yet. Start Witchin was born.

A Note On Magickal Language Used:

I use some witchy jargon on this site that might confuse some visitors. To prevent a Lost in Translation moment (because Bill Murray belongs in funnier movies, let’s be honest) I have included some common terms here with brief definitions.

Witch: a person who practices witchcraft or magick. This person can be any gender, any race, any sexuality, of any culture or background, of any religion.

Anyone can be a witch no matter their gender, race, sexuality, background, culture, or religion. #startwitchin Click To Tweet

Magick: magic with a K to distinguish it from fictional or stage illusion magic. I love Aleister Crowley’s definition best: “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”, including both “mundane” acts of will as well as ritual magic. The only thing I might add is that, unlike Crowley, I don’t see magick as a science or an art so much as a skill that must be honed and practiced.

Practical Magick: Non-ritualized magickal work (magick that does not require ritual, Deities, sacred space, etc). Also called “Low Magick” or “getting down and dirty with your magickal manifesting self” (that last one is from me).

Manifestation: Working with the Laws of the Universe (such as Law of Polarity, Law of Attraction, Law of Divine Opportunity) to Co-create a reality using mindset work, psychology, positive affirmations, etc. Also referred to as New Age work or Woo-woo.

Spell: the act of focusing your will and creating an action to step into alignment with what you desire (magickally getting what you want).

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