How to Choose Your Best Tarot Deck

Welcome to Tarot Tuesday! For more tarot magick, follow me for the card of the week on Instagram and Tarot Q&A on YouTube. Today I wanted to go in depth on Choosing Your Best Tarot Deck. I’ve been asked how to choose the right tarot deck for you a lot lately and there’s so many factors I couldn’t easily answer…

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News & Updates

Witchy Recharge

Its been a while. I had to take a step back for a bit and deal with my fears around having a witchy biz and where it was taking me. I explain briefly in the following video why I took an impromptu Witchy Recharge hiatus. What Have I Been Up To? When I’m stressed or overwhelmed I often do 2…

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Witch Life

Becoming a Professional Witch

Choosing witchcraft as a career path might seem a little strange in a world and culture where most kids are encouraged to grow up to become doctors and lawyers, teachers and politicians. However, I was never what would be considered a “normal” kid and growing up I made non-committal responses to adults asking what I wanted to do when I…

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