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Tarot Tuesday: Coming Out as a Reader

Beth at Little Red Tarot has a wonderful list of tarot blog and journal ideas, the last of which was in regards as to whether or not you are “out” as a Tarot Reader and what coming out was like. I thought this was a very interesting topic to write on as I am currently creating a program that helps witches come out of the broom closet. I hadn’t thought much about coming out as a tarot reader but, seeing as tarot reading and witchcraft, though commonly interconnect, are not inherently bedfellows, it would be good to step back and look at my Tarot Coming Out separately.

tarot readingsI Began Tarot Reading Professionally in 2009…

After I finished a year long mentorship under a reader in Johnson City, TN. At first I didn’t really bother with “coming out” to people as a reader. My relationship with my family was strained after I dropped out of a Christian college and moved in with my boyfriend. Everyone in my circle of contact was some flavor of weird ranging from witches to goth rockers. My reading tarot was the norm for our clique.

In the years to come, as my profession changed I finally had to open up about my profession and practice. Moving states made me step out of the box to make connections. I eventually moved my business online and that meant opening up about readings on personal social media accounts that were connected to friends, family, and, in some cases, employers.

There were times when I had to take jobs that weren’t occult related to pay the bills. I didn’t bring up my career during interviews and tarot reading, like my brief foray as a cyberpunk go-go dancer and my bartending certification, did not make it onto my resume. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that my experience as a reader was so much more than related to a deck of cards. It also pertained to my people skills, ability to network and run a business, and so much more! The more I learned the worth of my profession, the easier it became to share it with the professional world despite the mainstream’s avoidance of all that is “woo woo.”

My family, on the other hand was a little different. Some didn’t care, others didn’t notice. Of the family that saw more and more of my posts related to occult matters and divination they either accepted it with minimal response, glad I was occupying myself and making money, or they were appalled. I had a few relatives inform me of the evils of my work but they had the same venom for my politics and other posts so it wasn’t much of a surprised. It was the close relatives that I grew up with that I had the most anxiety about. While my immediate family knew of my faith and practices by that point, I wasn’t prone until then to put it out there for commentary and notice.

Tarot Coming OutReading Tarot for My Mother

I think the pinnacle of embracing my work and being out, loud and proud, was when I gave my mother a tarot reading. Nearly a decade after I began learning and reading tarot, I sat at my table and, while talking to mom on the phone, I laid out her cards. I was nervous but did my best to treat the reading like it was any other client. I told her what the cards meant and the overall message. In the end I added a touch of advice and explained to her that the cards can only tell her about the path she is on, not all the options – that her situation can always be changed based on her will.

My mother surprised me. She was very impressed with the accuracy of the reading and even pointed out that the profession suited my talkative and unique nature. After the phone call I cried. It had taken years but I finally felt like my mother accepted me despite our differences in lifestyle, religion, and professional beliefs. It was something I never thought would happen but was so happy to have experienced.

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