Tarot Tuesday: New Tarot Deck Bonding

You’ve splurged and bought a new tarot deck. It could be your first or your tenth and you are looking for the best ways to bond with it. Tarot Deck Bonding means creating a friendship, coming in-sync with the imagery and energies, so that your readings are clear, precise, and flow with ease. This can be done in a number of ways so I thought I would share my favorites.

Get Familiar with Your New Deck

Go through the cards. Handle them. Look at the images in each card. Feel the thickness and texture of the paper and ink. Note reoccurring characters, colors, themes, styles.

Carry your new deck with you through out your day. Keep it in your locker at work or school. Tuck it in your car when you’re out and about. Keep it safe in your pocket or bag. Acknowledge it when your eyes or hand falls on it during your day. Keep it in eyesight when you’re at home. This is your new friend and, especially if you will be doing it for professional readings, partner so don’t ignore it.

Put the deck under your pillow and sleep with it. Many tarot readers swear by this method and will record what dreams they have only to see them come out later in the readings. If you, like me, don’t enjoy sleeping on a paper-brick, put it on your nightstand or in a pouch hung on your headboard.

Favorite and Least Favorite Cards

Go through the deck and choose your favorite card and least favorite card. Write down in your tarot journal why you feel strongly about each one. Get detailed and really  sit with the cards and how they make you feel.

Not only is this a great way to get to know your deck but it is a strong exercise in Shadow Work, which I explain in my video A Tarot Technique for Shadow Work that Might Piss You Off.

Find Your Personal Significator Card

By seeing what the cards have to say about you in particular, you can create a bond. The idea is the cards know who you are and will mirror this back to you. This is a great technique for any tarot reader, especially those that read the cards traditionally using numerology and astrology. Find the cards that match your personal number and zodiac. This is easy to put into a search engine but the basics are:

Find your number in numerology by adding your birth day, month, and year then breaking that number down to a digit that is found in the Major Arcana (0-21). For example:
My birthday is December 20th, 1988. 20+12+1988= 2020. This broken down is 2+0+2+0=4 so my card, numerologically, is The Emperor.

Zodiac Sign and the Major Arcana

  • Aries – Emperor
  • Taurus – Hierophant
  • Gemini – Lovers
  • Cancer – Chariot
  • Leo – Strength
  • Virgo – Hermit
  • Libra – Justice
  • Scorpio – Death
  • Sagittarius – Temperance
  • Capricorn – Devil
  • Aquarius – Star
  • Pisces – Moon

You can take the astrological connection by finding your court card based on your sign and decan. Tarot Moon has an in-depth article on the subject and Mary K. Greer’s Tarot For Your Self has some exercises to help you through the process.

Daily Divination

Use your deck every day for at least a couple of weeks. Draw a card every morning and carrying the card with you or keep it near by. Journal about the card and then return to it and your writing at the end of the day. Note any connections with the events, people, or energies of the day that are shown in the card.

I find the best way to do this is not to look at the book’s meanings, even if this is a new and unfamiliar deck. Doing it this way helps me connect with the cards intuitively rather than rely on the creator’s methods and ideas. I will look at the book’s meaning at the end of the day and see if their terms resonate with me and my experiences with that card.

Create a Home for Your New Tarot Deck.

Sew or crochet or knit a pouch. Decorate a box. Wrap it in a decorative scarf that you use only for this deck. By giving it a home you are honoring the deck’s energies and keeping it safe from harm. You can purchase ready made items to home your deck but the act of creation is part of what bonds you.

I usually crochet pouches for my decks. I try and match the yarn to the colors on the backs of the cards. If you already know how to crochet or knit, any pouch will do that you can adjust to the size of your deck. Decide ahead of time if you prefer draw-string or buttoned pouches and if you will be storing anything else in it with your deck such as a cloth to read on, crystals, a book, etc.

For boxes, I find blank ones at the local craft store. I like to pyrograph (wood-burn) designs and add details like crystals or fabric later.

Interview Your New Tarot Deck

There are several interview spreads online. Find one that suits your fancy and put your deck on the hot seat.
I recently did this when I was bonding with my new Silver Era deck. Doing this interview from Autostraddle opened my eyes and made this deck one of my favorites to work with.

Want some more Tarot Advice?

Why not get an in-depth, professional reading. I found that getting another tarot enthusiast’s perspective I was better able to hone my own skills and learn new methods of reading the cards.