Top 5 Tarot Deck Wishlist of 2018 #31DaysofTarot

Tarot Decks Wishlist

2018 is seeing the continuation of the Indie Tarot bonanza that has grown over the years. Tarot scholars and artists are ready to show all the facets and visions that these cards can offer and I can’t wait to see what is in store. My Tarot Deck Wishlist is long so it is hard to choose just 5 for this year. I’m glad for this #31DaysofTarot prompt, however, because it can help me focus my attention and budget on what decks I’m most intrigued by – most of which are independently published.

The Marigold Tarot

“A tarot deck rooted in life, death, and gold.”

Black, White and Gold are some of my favorite colors (add purple and copper, you’ve got the whole list actually). When I saw a deck that not only was founded on this theme but carried it through with unique artistic style and SKELETONS – SOLD! I was disappointed I missed out on the kickstarter for this deck but look forward to the pre-orders coming available.

True Black Tarot

Not gonna lie, I fell in love with these cards as soon as I saw the artistic play of matte and glossy black. It made my gothic lil heart swell with joy!

I appreciate all the detail this artistic endeavor produced from the images to the back of the cards to the box – even the website is a joy to look at.

The Urban Tarot

This sexy, POC and LGBTQ+ Modern deck is high on my wishlist.

“The Urban Tarot is an attempt to reclaim the power of that old magic and bring it within the reach of the 21st century seeker of truth.”

The first rounds of this deck are no longer available for general sale (one or two might pop up in swap groups).
“The deck has been picked up for publication by U.S.Games, and a beautiful new second edition is already in the works.”

Sensual Wicca Tarot

While not an indie deck, I love the look of this deck and it will probably be my first deck purchase this year. I came across this deck in a swap group (sadly, it was already pending a trade) and fell in love with the imagery. Yes its risque but its also celebratory and real. I also love that not all the images are heterosexual even though it doesn’t show much diversity beyond that. Helps that it has the added benefit of being purple.
Friends might think its odd that I desire a Wiccan deck, but my roots in metaphysical study are in Wicca and the images feel nostalgic to me even if my current beliefs are no longer in alignment with Wiccan philosophy.

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Darkness of Light Tarot

“The deck strives to paint an honest portrait of nature: it doesn’t shy away from dark themes but instead embraces them, weaving both darkness and light together to tell the story of the Fool’s journey.”

I love the look of this deck – almost like painting with silver. Its a darker, edgier effect than my current Silver Era Tarot (that I love all the same) and I look forward to getting my hands on it to see what shadows and glimmers I can reveal and play with.