Tarot Tuesday: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is in retrograde until September 5th.

Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo is now well underway and thus there will be a sigh of reminiscence woven into these days and nights. The retrograde cycle of Mercury asks that you pause for reflection, relinquishing some of your control in favor of submitting to life’s natural ebb and flow. Thus, this week is a good time to stop trying to control the outcome of everything. Instead, remember that in summer, the song sings itself.
~Rachel, Aeolian Heart Readings

Rather than do the normal jaunt into what to do during Mercury Retrograde, I thought I would share some little free-writing I did when working with tarot and its relation to various deities, in this case, of course, Mercury.

If Mercury Were a Tarot Reader…

Mercury Retrograde
Rider-Waite tarot deck

I picture him as a tall, lanky fellow with long black hair tied back away from his face, a goatee, thick eyebrows and piercing blue eyes. He’d have an earring in one ear, not just a tiny hoop but something dangly and flashy. He prides himself in how he dresses though some would say he looks tacky with his leather, silk, bright colors, and too much bling. He’s also that type that won’t let the 60’s go, loves wide collars unbuttoned to show his chest, wears his symbol on a thick chain around his neck, and will seem fresh when he asks what your sign is – but he’s far too clever to use it just as a pick up line.

Mercury flirts with men and women alike and will flit through relationships like people slide through revolving doors (and is far too charming to leave anyone in tears; every ex-lover believes it was their decision to move on). He loves the modern age with its freedom of sexuality and open, mass communication. He’s known to have all the new technological gadgets and every app for tarot and astrology, even if he can calculate what house he’s with ease. Even though he is very lucky at buying new toys and tarot decks, he is also a bit flippant with them and will toss them aside as soon as the next thing shows up.

At the tarot table, he makes his clients question whether they sat down to have their cards read or to watch card tricks. He knows every way to shuffle and is one of the best card mechanics in the biz. He talks fast as he moved the deck from one hand to the other so that the cards look like their flying. By the time the deck is cut, the clients are mesmerized by the movement of the shuffle and the glint of his cuff links.

Mercury is known to cut the deck as he sees fit – stacking the cards so that he can control the story about to be told to the client. This doesn’t mean he can’t read the tarot traditionally, of course. He knows the cards intimately; the layouts, the numbers, the astrology, and the people. He could read the cards in his sleep and may have done so from time to time while resting from a night of debauchery with his friends Bacchus and Apollo.

He’s as slippery as the snakes on his Caduceus but one would be a fool to not head the snakes words at the tarot table.

Working with Mercury and Money

I’m actually working with Mercury at the moment as I am reading Money Magic by Frater U.D. (affiliate link)
In this book, there is a ritual for achieving a desired goal with the aid of Mercury. I shared my altar in the works and a few more details on The Witches Circle (a community I recently discovered and am enjoying).