5 Tarot Sites You Should Know

#TarotTuesday is my favorite day of the week! I love seeing all the tarot posts from witches on social media, each one furthering my relationship with the cards. Its not just the cards I love learning about and connecting with, its the tarot readers too! These ladies and gents are my people, they love the cards like I do, and so I can’t help but brag about them a lil for you all.

Little Red Tarot

an alternative tarot resource for anyone who’s curious about what a deck of 78 cards can teach them.
This is one of my all time favorite tarot sites (top 3 for sure!). I first found them through their Queering the Tarot series and stayed for their unique take on the cards, reading, and the readers themselves.
Beth Maiden, tarot reader and owner of Little Red Tarot, also writes a tarot column, Fool’s Journey, for Autostraddle that I also recommend. My favorite of her projects (other than the LRT site) is the Queer Tarot with its many heart breaking and inspiring stories.

Biddy Tarot

The #1 most popular Tarot site on the web, hands down, and for good reason. Biddy Tarot is the best place to go if you want clear and in-depth readings for the basic deck of tarot cards. Their course is perfect for anyone wanting to break into the tarot field but desires to have a sturdy foundation and certification backing them. Their blog posts run the gammut and for traditional readers, you cannot go wrong with this resource. They also have an extensive selection of free downloads and linked resources that I highly recommend taking advantage of.


The only site that possibly rivals Biddy tarot on the net in popularity is Aeclectic Tarot. This site is my favorite for its comprehensive listing of tarot, oracle, and lenormand decks. If I want to research a deck before purchase, this is where I go. They have pics of the cards that are clear and easy to view, publication info, and fantastic reviews that have certainly swayed by buying choices in the past.
Their forum is also fantastic! I have learned so much just perusing conversations. People are posting new spreads, reading suggestions, history, spells, rituals, and more all the time. Its a great place to hang out whether you’re new to the cards or an expert.

Tarot Prose

Ivan Ambrose has some of the most intense, insightful, heartfelt musings on tarot and the magickal community that I’ve ever read. His Tough Tarot Topics blog series are a must read for any and all tarot readers, in my not-so-humble opinion. On another note – if you are a tarot reader, you could not find a better example of how to protect your site and tarot business with copyrights, disclaimers, blog boundaries, and more. I admire Ivan’s pages and hope to take many leaves from his book of suggestions in the future for my own websites and business.

Tarot by Arwen

Arwen is my favorite YouTube tarot reader and I’m not afraid to say it! I adore her sass and knowledge. I love that she shares information not just for tarot enthusiasts but also for writers (I fit in both groups so I’m doubly blessed). Some of her best work is in live interviews with other writers and readers. Arwen’s humor really shines when she has others to play off of and I’ve been blessed to be in the chat box during a couple of these, giggling all the way.
Not only does she rock it out on her own site and social media, Arwen is also now the editor of Cartomancer magazine.
If you are a witch that participates in National Novel Writing Month, be sure to grab Arwen’s Mapping the Hero’s Journey as trust companion on your way to finishing your novel.

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